for jana

for jana

i’m posting for jana. she requested that i update my blog :).

truthfully, since the storm, things have seemed pretty boring. it doesn’t seem like there’s much to post about.

grandpa and i went out yesterday for stamps and we saw the area that was hit the hardest. it was so sad! all these trees all over the place, roofs blown off, phone wires on the ground…it’s really sad. i’m very thankful that no one was killed. please pray for the families whose homes are ruined.

did i mention that my insulin level, which was 22, is now 12?? i’m very excited about this!!! this is the week again that if i’m ovulating i could get pregnant. pray for me!!!!!!

i can actually tell i’m losing weight now too. 🙂 not a lot pounds-wise – i’ve lost about 10 lbs – but you can really tell by looking at me. at least i can tell! lol.

jerry turns 30 on monday. anyone have any exciting cheap gift ideas for a hubby’s 30th bday??? i already bought two shirts, am getting a book and a cd, but i want something GREAT. this is his grand birthday. (does anyone else know about the ‘grand birthday idea’? someone told me about it in high school, and since then, no one else i’ve talked to about it have any clue what i mean. a grand bday is when you turn the age that the number of your birthday falls on. jerry will be 30 on the 30th, so it’s his grand bday.) so i want it to be extra special. everyone knows what i REALLY wanted to give him was a positive test result that i’m pregnant. but alas, no. 🙁

i wanted to remind everyone to see the Veggie Tales movie when it comes out. GO TO SEE IT! 🙂

well, jana, i’m all out of things to write about… 🙂

God bless,

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