life is interesting

life is interesting

I know you haven’t seen me in a while. I’ve been fine but out of sorts. The week has been full. I don’t know if everyone remembers where I’m from – but I’m from Indiana – Indianapolis area.

(Some of this was written by my hubby Jerry and I rephrased it – he’s so much better with the technical stuff than I am! hehe)

Life is interesting. Yesterday, cold air from Canada mixed with the unusually warm weather we have been having in Indy. This caused a terrible storm that wreaked all kinds of havic. The local authorities assume there was multiple tornadoes. Anyway, nearly every road leading to our house is blocked off. Last night it was like a war zone. Jerry was at work when it happened so they had to get all the residents into the center-most part of building. He had to stay late because people couldn’t get in because eather roads were blocked by the police and fire department or literally ‘by trees’.

The storm started in the southwest part of Indianapolis, Martinsville, leveling half the town and it moved northeast through Greenwood, Southport, where we live, and Beech Grove, where Jerry works. The tornados missed our home by a quarter mile and then, a few minutes later, missed Jerry’s work by just as much. It hit before kids could get home from school so kids were getting home as late as 11:00pm or even later. It took Jerry an hour and fifteen minutes to get home – it normally takes 15 minutes. It would have taken longer but they finally opened the freeway where powerlines and trees had been covering it. We had no damage at Jerry’s work or our home. No one we know personally was injured or affected. But we were very very close to getting hit. We just got our power on after 15-16 hours without it but some people may have to wait much longer.

Pray for all the people without homes or insurance, especially those in Martinsville. We have been very blessed. No casualties have been reported but 30 million dollars in damage is estimated so far. I think that estimate is too small myself. And the only injuries don’t seem to be life-threatening – considering the damage done, it’s a real miracle.

Oh – check this out. A lady was at Lowe’s (a home improvement store) when they said they were closing down and everyone needed to find shelter. She was close to her church so she went there for shelter. As she pulled into the drive she realized it was too late. She saw the funnel cloud. She had her four year old boy with her so she jumped into the back and covered him. All she could see was dirt and wind – normally you don’t see wind. Neighbors saw her white van fly over several homes and it landed upright & They were ok! The people that saw it said she must have been in God’s hands. Many of them went to her church. Isn’t that miraculous!?

Another man was seen, by a police officer, flying several feet up in the air before landing with minor injuries. (We still don’t know if that was just a rumor or if it’s a fact yet.)

I’m still amazed that no casualties have been found. Jerry was scared for me because he knew the storm was heading right for me first. It hit his work area about 15 – 20 minutes later.

Grandpa, KC and I all hid in the hallway during the worst part, when the alarm was going off. I KNOW I heard the tornado go by at one point – I was never scared. I was worried about Jerry, but that’s it. I knew we would be safe somehow. Funny, but I was more annoyed by the power being off than worried about our safety lol. I did pray throughout for other people involved.

Today we had to go out and get a bunch of new food because the power was off too long to trust the fridge and freezer. That was tiring, but we got our money’s worth! 🙂

Well, I guess that’s the story. The only thing not normal in the house is the cable – it’s still not working. Who cares, right? We’re all safe! Our house is safe! Thank You Lord – how could we ask for more?!?!?!?

God bless – have a blessed Sunday everyone! 🙂

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  1. Wow, wild storm…I am glad you all are safe 🙂

    Wow, wild storm…I am glad you all are safe 🙂

  2. Hi Jenn, Am so glad you and your family are safe! My prayers ar
    Hi Jenn, Am so glad you and your family are safe! My prayers are with all those there who were effected. I grew up in K.C.Mo and here in Oklahoma it’s tornado alley. so I know how scary those storms can be. God Bless….

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