well jeremiah is back to sleeping in his crib after three nights of sleeping with me…
he had not been handling his transition of sickness to wellness (meaning not wanting mama to leave his side for anything). but he went to sleep late last night and slept pretty well. he also napped in his bed really well today. so hopefully things will be back on track soon!!!
he just held himself standing for half a second!!!!!! right as i was typing this!!!!!!! wow my big boy is growing up! i was going to write how he has been pulling himself all the way up to standing. he’s even trying a little furniture cruising today. just from the computer chair to the box next to it, but still!!!! wow. he’s not even 8 mos yet!!
the nursing strike seems to be over, thank the Lord!!!
well i need to nurse him so i’ll try to add more later. if not then i’ll add more tomorrow.
*edited to add:
yes, the boy is feeling better BUT now he has a runny nose! goodness does it ever end?
the other day he pulled himself up in his crib. he was standing in his crib! both scary and exciting. thankfully i’d already lowered it as low as possible and had the rail up.
he is now working on turning the tv on and off, changing the channel and the volume. not from the remote, but from the tv itself!
we just had a majorly fun time in front of the mirror. it was SO CUTE!! got some pics i will have to get on snapfish asap! 😀
jeremiah is so wonderful, so much fun, and so amazing. what would life be like without him? i DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!! thank You, Lord, for this wonderful blessing!!!!

i wanted to let everyone know about my sister. she turned 18 august 29th. she decided that since she is 18, she doesn’t need to follow rules. she doesn’t think she needs to go to school. she has left my parents’ home and gone to live with her birth mom. this is not good – it’s a very dangerous, abusive environment, which is why she was taken out in the first place. she has been causing so many problems for my parents that they are almost relieved. personally, i am heartbroken. i always hoped for so much more for my sister. and she loves jeremiah so much. he is pretty attached to her as well. i just don’t know what to think about the whole thing. please keep her in your prayers. pray that she will come to her senses and be willing to change her ways. the terms she left on were not good, and if she comes back without the mind and heart to change, i don’t know if she will be welcome to stay. 🙁 she has also claimed to be a Christian, but we have doubts. no one knows her heart but her and the Lord.
appreciate everyone so much! 😀
love and blessings!!!

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  1. YEAH, cruising! What a big boy.
    YEAH, cruising! What a big boy. I definately hope his ear infection has cleared up. Sick Babes make for hard nights. Sarrah is teething. Still. And I am getting very ‘over’ the whole process. Very much ready for her teeth to finally be done. I want my happy sleeper back. 🙁

  2. Jenn,

    Sounds like you’ve been a busy Mama. I have been too, a

    Sounds like you’ve been a busy Mama. I have been too, as homeschool started back up yesterday.

    Jeremiah sounds like my nephew Ryan, a little go-getter. Ryan was walking before he was 9 months old, and running a couple weeks later. He’s 5 years old now, and I don’t think he’s slowed down yet!!!! Feel sorry for my poor tired brother and sister-in-law! LOL! It’s a good thing that their first is more laid back, as I don’t know of they could have handled two little whirl winds! LOL!

    I don’t know if you read on my blog or not, but our pediatrician wants us to get Amanda into some physical therepy for her weak muscles. My poor baby!!!:sad: Luckily she is right on track for her fine motor skills and her social skills. Of course, the doctor sort of hinted to the fact that I may be holding her too much! 😉

    Glad that your little man is feeling better!!!


  3. Wtg Jeremiah!! Gosh he is grow
    Wtg Jeremiah!! Gosh he is growing up too fast!!

  4. Maybe the runny nose is from teething.
    Maybe the runny nose is from teething. Everytime Cole cuts a tooth he comes down with a runny nose. So sorry to read about your sister. I will be praying for her.

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