I’m Growin’ Up

I’m Growin’ Up

mama is really busy making something for greatgrampa’s viewing so she said i could do the posting for today!

she says her baby is really growin up. she wanted me to remind evryone that sunday is my half birthday! i will be six months old. mama and papa and gramma and grampa can’t believe it’s been that long. it doesn’t seem like long to me! they are hoping to have a little half birthday party for me. i don’t see the point if i don’t get to eat any cake! oh, but mama says i get some presents, so i guess i can fit the party into my busy schedule. i’m also getting walmart pictures taken on sunday.

mama wanted me to tell you that the walmart pictures we got from last month dis’pointed her. there’s a strange bar on all the tops of the package photos, and on the bigger package photos, they cut my feet off!!! she and papa are waiting to hear back from walmart people to see if we can get some of the others remade or what!

i love to give open mouth, slobbery kissies to people – especially mama and papa.
i love to get tickled – i try to tickle mama and papa too.
i like to put my hands on mama and papa’s faces.
i still love eating my feet. i’ll even suck on my big toes for a while (if mama will let me!)
i am now eating fruit out of my strainer. i’ve had grapes, canteloupe, apple. i LOVE fruit!!
i’m eating cereal two times a day; one time with fruit and one time with veggie.
i am rolling over ALL the time.
i’m almost sitting up on my own.
i’m ‘rocking’ on my hands and knees. mama and gramma say it means i’ll be crawling soon!
i weigh 18 lbs and am 28 1/2 inches (both by at home measurements).
i am a big talker. i love the phone – mama can’t nurse and talk on the phone anymore unless she lets me talk too! i love to babble on the phone! i also give people wet kissies over the phone! aren’t i a sweet boy?

well mama said the computer is having mem’ry problems. so i haveta say bye-bye. bye-bye – that’s one they’re tryin to teach me!!


4 thoughts on “I’m Growin’ Up

  1. Jeremiah, you are such a little cutie and growing up too fast.
    Jeremiah, you are such a little cutie and growing up too fast. Tell Mama to let you enjoy those toes while you can. I hope your photos turn out nice Sunday. Cole loves talking on the phone too. Have fun at your half birthday party! Lots of hugs and kisses to you, bye bye

  2. hey baby boy!
    what a big boy you are! i still can’t believe you
    hey baby boy!
    what a big boy you are! i still can’t believe you outweigh adriana! 🙂
    adriana did the rocking thing slightly before she started to crawl. but like i said (mama) enjoy the immobility stage, cause once he’s mobile, you will be on your toes!!
    i’ve been thinking about ya’ll a lot. hugs, i miss you and love you!!
    <3jen&adriana :kiss:

  3. Yeah toes! Sarrah loves her toes too.
    Yeah toes! Sarrah loves her toes too. She also likes to pull hair. how ’bout you? Hope your pictures come back super terrific, we are excited to see them. Happy Half Birthday! Tell your mama that I have been thinking about her today.

  4. Hi Jenn and hello little Jeremiah.
    Hi Jenn and hello little Jeremiah. My deepest condolences on the loss of Grandpa! So glad to see little Jeremiah growing up and getting so cute!! I just loved mine at this age. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Love and prayers. ~hugs~

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