Even a bigger boy!

Even a bigger boy!

jeremiah is such a sweet, smart angel baby! he is changing and learning so much.
since he has been feeling his teeth popping out, he has been making a very cute funny face almost all the time. it’s kind of indescribable, but sort of looks like someone who eats something a bit sour. a bit puckery. lol. but SO CUTE!
he is sitting up longer and longer lately (after being sat up). he is doing better getting to sleep. he is playing more on his own. he is recognizing everyone he knows. he smiles and laughs for a REAL REASON. he has been screaming and yelling at us all the time. not real cries, but like – ‘hey you big people, come over here and meet my every WHIM!’ lol. we have to tell him ‘no’ often, though we don’t think he quite gets that yet. he talks to us like he really knows what he’s saying, and often it sounds like real words.
jeremiah is my baby, is the sweet boy of mine
i never understand a single words he says
but we communicate just fine!

we are trying to teach him some baby signs. first of all i’m trying ‘more’ and ‘all done’, since i want him to tell me when he wants more food or when he’s full. so far i only get smiles about it, no real recognition. as soon as he masters these two, we’ll be moving on to other things!
he is noticing kc much more (to kc’s chagrine! LOL). yesterday jerry was holding both kc and jeremiah, and jeremiah was petting him, and also tried to take a bit out of him! lol! you know, babies’ best way to learn is through their mouths! lol! kc didn’t appreciate that though, so he left. hehe.
jerry is enjoying his new job, though it’s really tough work. he comes home with all sorts of bumps and bruises on his body. but he overall likes it.
grampa seems to be going downhill pretty rapidly. please pray for all of us involved, because it’s getting harder and harder to take care of him around here.
i took a few photos with the 35mm cam today. i’m excited to see how they turn out. i really am not as happy with my digicam as i was before, since it doesn’t have as many pixels as i’d like. 🙁
cereal and food-wise, sweet potatoes were a hit last week, but this week it’s delicious carrots! yum! today they were a success! 🙂
well time for mi-mi’s bath!
hope everyone has a good week!!

4 thoughts on “Even a bigger boy!

  1. Good Luck with baby signing. He’s such a cutie.
    Good Luck with baby signing. He’s such a cutie. I’ll continue to pray for all of you. You are doing a great job Jenn. hugs

  2. I think Sarrah’s tongue preoccupation might have something to do
    I think Sarrah’s tongue preoccupation might have something to do with teething. Or I could be wrong. I am the same person that swore her kid was teething… only turns out it was colic. bleh.

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