Father’s Day, Dedication, and High Chairs

Father’s Day, Dedication, and High Chairs

well today jerry bought a new high chair. i totally hate the design on it. i’m going to have to get a new cover for it. oh, well, it was pretty cheap and it’s pretty sturdy…

yesterday was father’s day. jerry’s first father’s day with jeremiah in his arms! he had a good day. he is the best father ever, and i wish i could have done more for his special day. i ordered two of jeremiah’s best photos from his last month’s wal-mart trip. one of them i placed in a double frame, and on the other side, i put in a poem, as follows:

Hold my hand, Papa,
And carry me.
Kiss my forehead
To comfort me.

Hold my hand, Papa,
And pray with me.
Teach me about God
And help me see.

Hold my hand, Papa,
And play with me.
Toss a ball
While I laugh with glee.

Hold my hand, Papa,
And walk with me.
Stay close by
To steady me.

Hold my hand, Papa,
And teach me.
Help me become the man
You know I can be.

i found the poem in pea soup at twopeasinabucket.com. it originally said ‘daddy’ instead of papa, and i also added the second stanza.
the second picture was the one of jeremiah and me. he colored a picture (i put a marker in his hand, cap toward him, and held a paper in front of him, and he chewed on the cap and moved the marker around on the paper. LOL) and i put our photo in the center of it and framed it. then i typed up a letter from jeremiah and me for his card. 😉

now for the dedication! i made a whole page about it, and a photo collage of it. it was a wonderful, special time for us all!

well that’s it for now – papa can’t get the little man to sleep without me! poor guy!


131 thoughts on “Father’s Day, Dedication, and High Chairs

  1. Happy Father’s day to your Hus
    Happy Father’s day to your Husband and those who are daddy over there 😀

  2. I LOVE the vows you had for your son’s dedication. I am going to
    I LOVE the vows you had for your son’s dedication. I am going to copy those for Sarrah. (If we are able to get one together.) They were just perfect. BTW Jeremiah just looked so cute! You found the perfect outfit. Sorry I never got back to you. My mom and dad just discovered MSN instant messanger AND the microphone. And frankly they are just a tad too hyper about it. LOL. It’s hard to have more than one conversation when I am ‘talking’ to them. Don’t get me wrong. Not complaining. Just explaining why I never got back to you.

    Big Hugs.

  3. What a wonderful Father’s Day. I loved the photos.
    What a wonderful Father’s Day. I loved the photos.

  4. Thia

    What a wonderful day and ceremony.
    What a wonderful day and ceremony. What a handsome little fellow you’ve got!

  5. love the pictures! what a special day! i love the outfit, too 🙂
    love the pictures! what a special day! i love the outfit, too 🙂
    can’t wait to see high chair pics!!
    <3jen&adriana :inlove:

  6. Kim

    The poem is beautiful, just beautiful!!!
    The poem is beautiful, just beautiful!!! 🙂

  7. Great poem for father’s day! I
    Great poem for father’s day! I also loved what you wrote for the dedication and the pic collage you made 🙂 He is getting sooooo big!!:spin:

  8. Ellen

    Sooo precious… Since we were on vacation, I didn’t get to see
    Sooo precious… Since we were on vacation, I didn’t get to see my dad, but he got his gift early. Please pray for him as he rebroke 2 ribs. You are all in my hear/thoughts/prayers! Love, Ellen:headphones:

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