just wanted to post about my last post. the title was kinda glum, but those of you who read on could see i really wasn’t in ‘woe’. LOL.
anyway, the lil man is sleeping much better! sleeping at around 930 every night (tonight it was 910, last night it was 950, the night before it was 905), and sleeping about four hours before waking, then going back to sleep. it has been nice. he’s sleeping in his bouncer in his crib, and it’s working well. he likes it better. :spin: i love him so much, it’s unbelievable.
i love it when he’s lying on the floor and i put my head over his face and he puts his hands on each of my cheeks and smiles at me lovingly. he is such a sweet boy!
he has been highly infatuated with his feet/toes lately, and today he had his foot in his mouth. he can even bend his foot enough to get his heel in there! LOL. so far i haven’t caught this on camera!
there are a few more layouts over at the pea place. i’d love to hear your feedback if you happen to check them out! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sweet baby

  1. I had never heard of a molar pregnancy before so I looked it up.
    I had never heard of a molar pregnancy before so I looked it up. It sounds like a really heartbreaking condition to have. I pray that your mom’s friend’s daughter is healed physically and emotionally.

    by the way, thanks for visiting and commenting on my site ((hugs))

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