sorry i haven’t updated here in a while. it has been quite crazy around here!
things were really hard and unbelievable at first, and i didn’t know how i could manage. grampa was doing horribly, and i was home alone with him and jeremiah. but he seems to be doing better, and we are also getting help from the hospital’s hospice program.
it’s still not easy, but not as horrible and upsetting as i thought it would be.
grampa is truly a child of God now. we know it wasn’t a fluke, or just something done on a whim. we are so happy! i will be posting my mom’s account of it soon, since she was in the hospital room when it happened! we have all prayed for the moment for so long, it seemed unreal, and we were a bit disbelieving about it. it’s such a relief to know we will all see him in heaven one day, and soon he will join my grandma. thanks for all your prayers concerning his salvation!
i asked jerry to work on a few tweaking things to the photoalbum, and the blogs. hopefully soon, if you want updates, you will AUTOMATICALLY get updates! won’t that be nifty!?
speaking of updates, jeremiah’s blog was updated on friday, and i’m going over there next to post a little bit (maybe).
i really appreciate everyone’s prayers, concern, and also your patience and understanding with my lack of visits.
love love love!!

3 thoughts on “Sorry so long

  1. All of you are in my prayers.
    All of you are in my prayers. (((HUGS)))

  2. What AWESOME news about your grampa!!
    What AWESOME news about your grampa!! Sorry I’m being such a stranger!!! Have a wonderful week!! :lovey:

  3. Hey girl! Wonderful news about your grampa!
    Hey girl! Wonderful news about your grampa! Take some time for yourself, don’t get too overworked! Love and hugs and have a super weekend 🙂

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