17 weeks old

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my baby boy is nearly 4 months old! ack!
he is growing cuter and cuter every day (how is it possible?).
i have been bad about posting when new pics are up *blush*. please let me know in the contact form (or comments) if you’d like me to email you when there are new pics up. there are a few new ones up right now. i have really gotten into making the collages! it just makes things easier when there are lots of picture of one event. 😉
jeremiah is having a bit of problems with his sleeping patterns. he gets very upset when we try to put him down to sleep. argh! i hate to hear him cry, so we always pick him back up. i am SO tired!!
anyway, blessings & hugs…

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  1. Jen

    hey guys! hope you had a nice weekend!

    hey guys! hope you had a nice weekend!
    i always love to see new pics of jeremiah. i would like to be notified when new pics are up please! i had to steal your collage idea, sorry! it’s such a good idea, and saves disk space! plus it’s a creative way to make a little ‘thing’ for an event, and you can add text 🙂
    it’s so hard to believe that our babies are coming up on being half of a year old! adriana will be 5 months old in 9 days! it’s exciting in a way, but sad because they’re not tiny newborns anymore 🙁 hugs!
    <3jen&adriana :inlove:

  2. Manda

    Scares me that our babies are soo old. Ack. Last year at this ti
    Scares me that our babies are soo old. Ack. Last year at this time I hardly knew I was pregnant! Actually, correction: Last year at this time I was puking my brains out – VERY aware I was pregnant.

    Please let me know when there are new pictures. I love seeing that little guy get bigger and bigger.

    Oh, and keep on picking that baby up when he cries. He needs to know his mama loves him and that’s the best way to show it.

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