i just wanted to request prayer from everyone. i started my period on friday, and saturday was filled with horrible cramps, excessive blood loss, and MAJOR mood swings. i’m feeling better right now, but i’m still low because i REALLY wanted to get pregnant this month. i know it was the first month of the new meds, but i was very hopeful about it…anyway, please just keep me in your prayers about this.

we got a lot of stuff done this weekend. i should say jerry got a lot of stuff done, because he did much more than i did. i pretty much just cried and yelled! lol. at this moment i am going here from the computer, to yell up to the attic while he sends down wires. we’re putting a new light fixture and cabinet in above the sink. whew what work!

i wanted to let everyone know that our wedding album is up! i don’t know if it’s the way i’m going to keep it, but it’s at least viewable!! it’s under the jbears section. view the Wedding Album!

i forgot to do a quote last week, didn’t i?? here’s one for this week anyhow:

No arms will conquer, no battle will be won, unless we make the heart of the struggle loyalty to the values for which Jesus stood. — Rev. Otis R Rice

i hope everyone is doing better than i am! 🙂 i’ll try to get back into my daily reads tomorrow. i just haven’t had the time or energy lately. 🙁

God bless!!!

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  1. Jenn, I have been thinking of TTC but I am afraid I don’t have t
    Jenn, I have been thinking of TTC but I am afraid I don’t have the emotional ability to handle it. I wish you the best of luck and hope it will happen soon for you. I wish there was an easy solution but of course there isn’t. Sorry to have rambled but I have been seriously thinking of trying for baby number 2 and your recent post touched my heartstrings!

  2. Jenn, you’re definately in my prayers!

    Jenn, you’re definately in my prayers!

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