well pictures didn’t happen the other day…
jeremiah was in good spirits all day, until we got to walmart. he wasn’t cranky or grumpy, but he just wouldn’t smile for anything. he was looking at the picture lady like, “yeah, right, like i’m going to smile for YOU!”. he wouldn’t smile for jerry or for me either. until jerry held him in his arms, and that was when we were leaving. i think he was just so tired. SO we decided not to settle on non-smiling pics, and will be going back today or tomorrow. he smiles ALL the time, laughs out loud as well, so having a non-smiling picture wouldn’t show the real him, and that’s what the monthly pictures are supposed to do.
yesterday i got to talk to jen and hear adriana. so sweet! and jen, manda and i got to msn together! it was fun. while doing this, jeremiah decided to show off his typing skills. it was quite funny. jerry got a few pics of it, and i will be posting them when we get a new camera battery. :rolleyes: it died when i was taking pics of jerry lifting jeremiah up high. jeremiah was giggling his little head off! it was totally precious.
while chatting with jen and manda, we were looking at scrapping layouts together. it was fun. got some good ideas.
i am slowly but surely getting one of jeremiah’s pages done. it’s his one-month page. it’s not super special or anything, but it will be cute. 😉 how can it not be – it has my baby’s picture in it! i’m thinking of having every “month” page the same in style, but different in color, depending on the outfit jeremiah is wearing. the one-month is a dark teal and a light teal-blue. i can’t wait until it’s done. 🙂
well, instead of talking about it, i’m going to go work on it right now!

2 thoughts on “Oh, My Baby

  1. Hiya hon! Sorry I have not been by in a while.
    Hiya hon! Sorry I have not been by in a while. How have you been? Miah looks so adorable!!!!!!! He is a doll! How are you doing? Have a great week hon!:D

  2. hey jenn!
    it was a lot of fun! i’m surprised all 3 of us were o
    hey jenn!
    it was a lot of fun! i’m surprised all 3 of us were on at the same time! :yes:
    sometimes, i get script errors on my blog. i think haloscan (my comment hosting) is having more problems. i hope i don’t lose my comments again!
    i can’t wait to see pictures of jeremiah’s scrapbook! one day i shall attempt to make one of adriana 🙂
    wish us luck, tomorrow baby girl gets 4 shots 🙁
    hugs and kissies!
    <3jen&adriana :kiss:

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