13 Weeks Old // 3 Months Old!!

sigh, my baby is now three months old…
we went to church again today (yay!) and everyone was commenting about how big and how adorable he is. it makes me sad at how big he is!!
i need to weigh him today, and when i do i’ll post it. i know he’s gained quite a bit. my dad keeps joking that he weighs 20lbs, but i know that’s a bit of an exaggeration! LOL. it’s funny though, because i was 100% breastfed, and i was only 18lbs on my first birthday! so he is definately taking after his papa. 😉
he seems to be having a bit of stranger anxiety, though not enough to stop him from finally smiling at strangers.
he loves to smile and laugh.


a few hours, a few naps, and a few feedings later, lol, and i am back. actually, i got off to nurse jeremiah for a little while, and while i did, jerry asked if he could use the computer. he JUST NOW got off, after i asked to get on for a few before bed. MEN!
i just wanted to share a few pics: clicky!
we are getting his 3 month pics taken tomorrow at walmart. wanted to do it today, but they were busy. this time we aren’t buying the disk, because jerry says it’s not worth it just to have the pics if they aren’t high-quality, and they aren’t. 🙁 so you will only see the ONE pose after we get it and scan it. oh well.
well, nighty night all!
you little sweet man, i can’t believe how wonderful you are! you get cuter, smarter, sweeter and more lovable every day. i can’t believe i ever lived without you in my life.
i love watching you and your papa play together. your papa loves you so much, and it’s obvious you love him just as much. 🙂 i’m so glad! i love hearing your infectious giggles when he makes funny faces at you, or sings a silly song to you.
i love how you smile up at me with those deep, thoughtful, loving eyes. i love when you snuggle into a perfect hug. i love when you babble at me, and we have a nice little conversation. i love seeing your eyes light up as you discover something new.
you are amazing and i love you so much. i thank the Lord every day for you. my little miracle. my precious blessing. my baby boy.

your mama

8 thoughts on “13 Weeks Old // 3 Months Old!!

  1. Oh Jenn, he is so cute! How adorable.
    Oh Jenn, he is so cute! How adorable. 🙂

  2. hi jenn!
    i love the pics of jeremiah and his mirror toy! it loo
    hi jenn!
    i love the pics of jeremiah and his mirror toy! it looks like he really likes it 😉
    i agree – it’s not worth it to get the walmart disk. i thought they’d give me high-quality pics.. especially because it was $10! :no:
    that was so sweet what you wrote to jeremiah. someday those’ll bring a big smile to his face 😉

  3. Hiya, Jenn, Jerry and Jeremiah!

    Hiya, Jenn, Jerry and Jeremiah!
    The pix are soooo cute… your effort as parents to keep up this site is commendable. Since I am a theology student in 24 credits and don’t have much time I haven’t had photography up in quite a while. But I can truly say, digital does lack quality, and our Lord does tell us to be thrifty with our $. You are an inspirational bunch… God bless you tons. Love, Ellen

  4. You are so good with words 🙂
    You are so good with words 🙂 It is beautiful to read what you say to your son:kiss:

  5. I can’t get over how old our babies are! What is that about? I f
    I can’t get over how old our babies are! What is that about? I fear closing my eyes lest I miss my baby’s life! Oh, and I can’t believe you were only 18 lbs at a year old! Holy Cow. You must have seemed tiny.

  6. Hi Sweetie :loveeyes: ….you are getting to be sooo big. And I
    Hi Sweetie :loveeyes: ….you are getting to be sooo big. And I know how proud your Mama and Papa are. Just wait till you are Wesley’s Age….your Mama will really be gushing then 😉

    Hi Jenn…just didn’t want you to think I forgot about you :lovey: Been hard with hubby away 🙁 …but he will be home in 12 days and a wake up :inlove: …maybe sooner. I am really looking forward to the move in October…no more sea time for at least 3 1/2 years :yes: Hope all is well with you.

    ~*HUGGIES to everyone*~:)

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