Saturday eight

Saturday eight

1. Do you do your taxes yourself or do you have someone do them for you?

jerry does them.

2. Do you have them efiled or mail hard copies?

so far, hard copies, but i may have talked him into efiling next year’s!

3. Do you usually have them completed ASAP, do them whenever or are you a last minute kinda person, maybe even needing an extension?

usually a few days or a week before they’re due.

4. Are you getting a refund this year or do you owe?

we are getting a refund. (never owed)

5. When you do get a refund, do you put it away into savings or some other investment vehicle, or do you look at it as a bonus and go shopping?

half and half usually.

6. Do you try to net your yearly taxes to 0.00, as they say you should so the money stays in your account or do you claim less or pay extra to ensure a large lump sum payback?

hmmm we would rather get it back in the end than have money taken away.

7. Do you think the taxes should be changed so that those with huge salaries must pay a significant larger portion or do you think there should be a flat tax where everyone pays the same % no matter how much they make?

flat tax, no matter how hard it is for us po’ folks…otherwise it would NOT be fair.

8. Finally, it’s been argued that income tax should be replaced with sales tax. Therefore we would keep our total income and only pay higher sales taxes when spending. Supposedly this would be more fair because those with higher income spending capabilities would be paying more of the taxes and those with lower incomes less. Would you support a change from being taxed on your income to being taxed on goods and services?

sounds good to me. haven’t thought about it deeply, and it’s kind of late and i’m tired, so i’ll have to get back about it when i’m more clear-headed. 😉

nighty night!

61 thoughts on “Saturday eight

  1. Im gonna be the first blessing hehe ^^ Hi! Just blog Hopping aga
    Im gonna be the first blessing hehe ^^ Hi! Just blog Hopping again 😀 I updated my blog… and if you are interested about the “END OF TIMES” (armaggeddon) then read my latest blog post, It is about the end of times 😀 and the dream of nebuchadnezzar (can’t spell) hehe okie! God bless! and thank you for giving me your full name and permission if I can use your name in my game ^^

  2. Well I vote no for the sales tax.
    Well I vote no for the sales tax. Mainly because I don’t trust every business I frequent to be perfectly honest on their income tax. :no: But that’s just me.

  3. Hey girl…I am down and out with the flu 🙁 But I wanted to com
    Hey girl…I am down and out with the flu 🙁 But I wanted to come by for a quick hello and see how you’re doing. Give that beautiful baby lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Karen! LOL and hugs to Mom of course too!:D

  4. Hi Jenn 🙂
    I have been a busy bee around here but I will call y
    Hi Jenn 🙂
    I have been a busy bee around here but I will call you real soon. So much to do so little time! Love ya!:frog:

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