2 Month Check-up

well today was my baby boy’s two month check-up. i know it’s a little late, but oh well.
he was perfect. he was a very good, sweet boy, and weighed 14lbs 1oz (remember the scale at home and the scale at the dr’s office are off a bit), was 24″ long. according to the ‘normal’ percentile, he’s in the 55th% in height and the 90th% in weight. his head, surprisingly, is only in the 25th %. he has a tiny head i guess. lol.
poor baby had his shots today too. 🙁 before he got them, i prayed over him as jerry held him. there are so many things that can go wrong with them.
i was really nervous and kind of scared about it. i didn’t cry this time, but it was hard holding the tears back. he was soooo strong for the first two, he only made a tiny little cry. but the LAST one, the nurse said would sting a bit, and MAN he went bonkers screaming and crying. it broke my heart!! i held him after as he whimpered and he finally calmed down a bit. they gave him some baby tylenol and he seemed fine. my poor baby though. it was soooo sad. i am just amazed at how strong and brave he is!
i want to tell you that i am making a new photo album. it’s more like a family photo album, not just jeremiah’s. i’m still debating whether it’s a good idea or not. and it’s nowhere near completed. please let me know what YOU think. CLICKY!
well, i need to go take a nap. i am EXHAUSTED! btw, i posted at blessed mama earlier. 😉 huggles!

2 thoughts on “2 Month Check-up

  1. Ohhh, I am so sorry about the shots.
    Ohhh, I am so sorry about the shots. I pray everything is going well with him in the “aftermath”.

  2. what a big boy! he was so tough through his shots! they always s
    what a big boy! he was so tough through his shots! they always save the worst one for last 🙁 *sigh*, it’s tough being a baby! jeremiah is so healthy, and 90th percentile for weight!?! way to go mommy!
    also, i love the new album idea. i think it’s a convenient way to share pics of the WHOLE family! great idea 🙂
    <3jen&adriana :kiss:

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