today we’re celebrating my grampa’s birthday…
we were waiting for a good time while my aunt is in town (she lives in washington state). we’re going to one of grampa’s favorite restaraunts, and the whole family and some of his friends will be there. i hope it goes well, and i hope the little man stays awake in a good mood for it! it’s the first big function he’s been to so far, and definitely the first ‘nice’ restaraunt. :baby:
yesterday we got a surprise in the mail from jerry’s favorite aunt and uncle, who aren’t even really his aunt and uncle. they’re those kind of people who are so loving and close to your family, they are officially made family. anyway, his aunt and her daughter have been busy making jeremiah a quilt since they got our announcement. it is sooooo pretty! later today when i post pics from the day, i’ll post the pic of jeremiah lying on it. one side is red and blue and off-white with little bears on it, and the other is a nice arrangement of all sorts of little kids favorite characters, like snoopy, pooh, bob the builder, raggedy ann and andy, etc. the best part was the sweet letter aunt o enclosed. it was so sweet and loving, and full of God’s hand. it was amazing and touching. i almost cried when jerry was reading it to me. they are such sweet, godly people. an exerpt :
we got real excited about his coming when you wrote us about him. we started praying for him right away that he would be well and strong, and that things would go good for his mom. God is so good….do tell him we love him even if he lives so far away. hold him and rock him and tell him aunt o and uncle c will be praying for him as he grows up to live for Jesus.
isn’t that the sweetest thing?!
well mi-mi and i are about to go take a bath to get ready for this afternoon! my little froggy has so much fun in the water! i can’t wait for summer swimming! :frog:
God bless – be updating with pics later today, if time permits.

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