Prayer is requested

Prayer is requested

please think of this when you speak to God today…one of my mom’s friend’s daughter was very happily expecting twins. then this weekend, she heard that she wasn’t even pregnant, and there was no evidence that she was ever pregnant. today, she was told that the twins each have 3 chromosomes, her placenta is entirely too large for the size of the babies, and that her hcg numbers are way too high – in the 300 thousands. she has a molar pregnancy. a d&c is scheduled for tomorrow. she is devastated. PLEASE keep her, her husband, and her parents in your prayers.

please also pray for my dear friend and soul sister autumn. she is in quite a bit of pain from her surgery and could use all of your prayers. thanks so much. (i love you autumn!!)

this morning, my period was getting me on my left ovary, and this afternoon it’s the right. it is pretty painful this time around. it’s perfect timing too – yesterday the dr gave us the big OK for continuing our marital relations. i have been hesitant because i’ve been a bit sore around those parts. he says i’m red, but everything has healed nicely. oh well, it will happen soon…poor jerry is SOOOO ready! ๐Ÿ˜‰

jeremiah has been really sleepy today, and yesterday. he’d kind of been growing out of sleeping long bouts in the day. i think he’s just getting over a bit of a cold, since he’s kinda stuffy. i’m excited about seeing his baseball cards when they finally get here – we ordered wallet sized from snapfish. oh, and we get his wal-mart pics on thursday! yay!

i was kind of wondering how i’m going to separate this site from jeremiah’s and i just decided that i will only post big things that he does over there, and also notes to him, of course. because this is called blessed mama, i will have to mention him all the time over here. :loveeyes:

i was looking at the journal archives today, and had to smile at the posts from when i first found out i was pregnant. it seems like soooo long ago now!! time is such a strange, relative thing.

now that i am getting the hang of this mama thing, and now that mi-mi is a little older and not needed to be held at all times, we are busy working on faithfulfamily once again. jerry has this incredible new layout he’s making. the reason i brought it up is that i want people’s recipes for the Faithful Kitchen!! i am working on making my own menu, and realized how totally empty the poor kitchen really is. ๐Ÿ™ sad really. so if you have any recipes at all, please add them. :yummy: i want to make that kitchen a hot-spot! ๐Ÿ™‚ also, please contact me if you have any stories/articles that I can post on
along the lines of any of the following:
infertility;adoption; breastfeeding; wanting to breastfeed but being unable to; co-sleeping or not co-sleeping;
stay at home parenting; homeschooling; discipline, including spanking and spanking alternatives (keep in mind the site believes spanking is a godly choice);
cloth diapering or not cloth diapering; family finances; Christian marriages; a Christian wife’s role; a Christian husband’s role; raising godly children;
raising teens; raising a son (the bond between mother and son); raising a daughter (the bond between mother and daughter);
about your husband as your child’s father. I would of course give you copyright credit and link to your personal website if you would like.
All Christian in theme but you don’t have to talk about God if you don’t want, and keep in mind is a Christian

oh, i have blog-rolled all of my friends that i could think of, but i MAY have missed someone. if you think i missed you, or if you think i’d like your journal/blog, please let me know in the comments here, and i’ll see to add you right away. i plan to be at everyone’s site at least once a week, and i will read all the posts i’d missed. ๐Ÿ™‚ since i love ya’ll so!!

well that’s it for nowรขโ‚ฌยฆ

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