who can believe it?? certainly not me or my family!
i have a feeling this will be a long one, so i’m using the intro. 😉
by the way, the birth story is up!!

oh, before i forget, AUNT NATALIE, GRAMPA, GRAMMA AND AUNT SHARON, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK OR LEAVE A COMMENT! 🙂 we all wanna know when you’re checking up on jeremiah. 🙂 it will be saved forever. 😉

jeremiah, you are such a joy to your papa and me! it’s so great to see you growing up, becoming a happy, loving little guy! you are growing so quickly though, it’s sad! i think parenthood is the reason the word bittersweet was created. it’s so hard and so nice at the same time!! you are getting sooo big and chubby – you love to eat both yummies (mama’s milk) and baba. you will accept both at almost all times. LOL.
you love kisses from us, and you think your papa is the funniest thing on the earth! when he comes home, and you hear his voice, you turn and try to find him. when you first hear mama’s voice, you start licking your lips, thinking it’s time for yummies! you are so much fun, and such a big joy to us sweet baby! you are truly the sonshine in our hearts. you light up our lives!
i wish we could capture these times forever, when you are so small, sweet and innocent. i know i will love you however big you are though, and that is how i can let you grow up. 🙂
we love you, jeremiah thomas!!!
love your mama and papa

jeremiah is changing so much. he’s still my little baby boy, but i can’t believe all the changes he has been going through.
he is smiling ALL the time now, not just every now and then, as before. he can hold his head up like a true pro now. he is gaining weight every day…he’s a true chubberoo!
his problems with gas seem to be gone – i don’t know if it was me drinking milk, or the carnation good start formula….i don’t know which one i wish it was….i miss drinking milk, but the carnation good start sends us a free can (by coupon) every month!! so hmmm. what to do. how should i attempt finding out, without hurting my lil man?
his eyelashes seem to be growing longer, his hands, arms and legs are getting SOOOO fat! his cheeks aren’t far behind. LOL.
we have decided, since i am still not producing much milk, that we are going to give him mainly formula, and then i will nurse him at least 3x a day on top of that. it has seemed to be working out nicely – and giving me more energy, and having a less cranky (since he’s not so hungry) little boy. he still loves nursing, so i plan to do it as long as he wants (not literally…i will not be breastfeeding my five year old son). and since it doesn’t really hurt, and since i don’t resent it anymore (because he was practically glued to my breast all day), i enjoy nursing as well! so besides the health benefits for him and me, i would miss it too much emotionally now. it’s just too important for us to give up.
i will be updating the stats today, after we weigh him. the photo album is updated as well – the second to last album and the very last album. this morning i did a ‘photo shoot’ with him. some of the pics turned out great, and some were a bit disappointing. but it was my first time, so i imagine i will get better at it, right?! he seemed to enjoy it and didn’t get mad at me at all. 🙂 what a sweet boy!
ooh, i almost forgot, i was working on blessed mama the other day…i hope to have the new blog up over there soon. 🙂 btw, its pronounced blessed, not bless-ed. 😉
well i need to get into the shower now…hope everyone is doing well! i will be by when i can!! hugs!

8 thoughts on “6 weeks old…

  1. So glad to hear everything is going great!;)Hope Jay and I can g
    So glad to hear everything is going great!;)Hope Jay and I can get over there soon to see Jeremiah and you guys again.
    Love you,
    Aunt Natalie

  2. I’m glad things are working out!
    I’m glad things are working out! 🙂

  3. Jeremiah Sonshine, you are a precious, handsome little boy!!! I
    Jeremiah Sonshine, you are a precious, handsome little boy!!! I love you so much. I am so glad your mommy and daddy are able to share all your pictures, so I can look at you anytime, everyday!! :loveeyes:love and kisses, Gramma

  4. I am so glad you both wanted me there to experience the incredib
    I am so glad you both wanted me there to experience the incredible miracle of Jeremiah’s birth!! Not everyone welcomes mom like you did.
    You did an excellent job describing what happened. I do recall it seemed you were being massaged by 3 at once a lot of the time! If you have to have a long labor, isn’t the epidural a great invention?! I wish I couldv’e gotten more of him when he came out, but I tried!! Jeremiah, you are blessing:yes:an answer to prayer. Happy 6 weeks:partyhat:

  5. Hi Jenn,
    Gosh, I was moved to tears reading your birth story wi
    Hi Jenn,
    Gosh, I was moved to tears reading your birth story with Jeremiah. I am so pleased you did opt for the epidural. I was stubborn with getting one with my first as well, and I suffered horribly with just a cervical block and birthing a 10.3 oz baby boy. I wished I’d had the epidural honestly. I am glad you had the forsight to see the pain and know your limits. I think that in itself is a blessing. :yes:
    Honestly, I don’t see how the women of the 1800’s and earlier had babies. I know a lot of the died in childbirth and we are so fortunate to live in times where it’s safe to give birth.
    So, you didn’t mention how long you pushed? I assume it was at least an hour? I bet you were very good at pushing that’s why you didn’t mention it. Well, gotta take a shower and dress Owen. Thank you so much for sharing the birth story with us all. Hugs and Blessings~~ JenD:bear:

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