Happy 1 Month Birthday!

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i can’t believe my baby is one month old today!!
dear sonshine,
so much has happened in this month since your birth. most of it hasn’t been easy. but through it all, you have grown and changed so much! your papa and i can’t believe how it’s possible to love you more and more every day, even in your most cranky moments! you weigh 9lbs 10oz now, and are 21 1/2 inches long. you can hold your head up really well when you’re wide awake, and look like you want to crawl soon! your gramma comes to visit you all the time, and your grampa has founds lots of reasons to come by to visit you. your great-grampa is very proud of you too, and is looking forward to feeling better so he can hold you again.
you are a little miracle, and we will always love you.
i’m hoping to get some professional pictures taken of you this weekend! hope hope hope!!
we love you, jeremiah!!

as for me, i am looking about the same or thinner than before pregnancy. i started my period last week. it has been light, but it’s been there. what a pain!! breastfeeding is going fine – it doesn’t hurt much anymore, and i’m actually enjoying it for the most part.
the only thing is, he’s ALWAYS hungry, and he’s been cranky and screaming in pain AGAIN almost all the time. he acts like he’s starving nearly all of his waking hours. is this possible?? or is there something else we’re missing?? i am now GLAD we’re using a bottle too, because i could not handle always holding him to feed him. i would never be able to go to the bathroom or anything because he is literally hungry THAT MUCH.
tell me about colic. i really thought it started in older babies. what can be done to help/prevent it? we are really miserable, as he is, and don’t know quite how to handle this baby as is.
i feel very guilty because i have wanted this baby for so long, and now that i have him i wonder if i was really ready to be a parent…it’s sooo hard. i love him soooo much, but MY GOODNESS. is it this hard for everyone, or are we just really big wimps?!?!
i know this is a horrible post for his one month birthday…but honesty is important…

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  1. Jess

    I think the way you are feeling is totally normal! I think as so
    I think the way you are feeling is totally normal! I think as soon as you start TTC (like me), every thing turns into a roller coaster. You wonder if you made the right decision… you are really happy sometimes… but I think the good always outweighs the bad! Don’t you?

  2. Carol

    I think you were more than ready to be a parent.
    I think you were more than ready to be a parent. It’s so overwhelming with the first, but before long you will be a pro. First 6 weeks were the hardest for me with two of my kids. Cole wanted to feed all the time, but I knew he was not hungry he can smell my scent a mile away, I finally had to give him a pacifer. I’ll be praying Jeremiah doesn’t have colic. Take care.

  3. Julie


    I don’t know much about colic, but sometimes babies cry

    I don’t know much about colic, but sometimes babies cry because they are over stimulated… Mine cried allot when they were tired, and Josh and Amanda fought sleep like crazy. If it hadn’t been too long since they ate last, I would just rock them without talking to them, or stimulating them. And they would eventually go to sleep, which is what they needed. Rock him in a quiet, low lit or dark room. They settle down faster that way. And once he hits two months, as hard as it sounds, let him learn to fall asleep on his own, without rocking him to sleep… This does WONDERS, believe me. The first few nights are hard, hearing them cry, but it doesn’t last, and they learn to sleep so much better… This is a good thing! My kids were all sleeping through the night before they were 3 months old. A well rested Mommy is a happy non-stressed Mommy.. I know I needed it, as I’ve never had outside help when a baby comes.

    Good luck!


  4. Cheryl

    Happy one month birthday, Jeremiah! And hugs to you, Jenn. I thi
    Happy one month birthday, Jeremiah! And hugs to you, Jenn. I think you were defintely ready – the first 2-3 months are just HARD. After that, you’ll be getting more rest and will settle into a groove. I remember with Caleb thinking I was going to go insane. But it all works out.

    As far as colic goes, he’s at the right age for it to start. It usually sets in at 4-6 weeks and lasts until they are 2-3 months old. Try carrying him on his tummy with your hand putting pressure on it. That helps a lot of colicky babies. Also, have you tried Mylicon drops? They’re to help gas, but they really helped both of our kids when they were being colicky. (No one knows what really causes colic, but gas pain is a likely suspect). Here are a couple helpful articles about it – one is about foods that you might be eating that can cause colic. http://www.askdrsears.com/html/5/t051300.asp and http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T083301.asp.

  5. Cheryl Flaim

    PS… love the new design!
    PS… love the new design!

  6. JenniferD

    Hi Jenn,
    I love how you continue to update your blog it’s amazi
    Hi Jenn,
    I love how you continue to update your blog it’s amazing considering how busy you are. I wish I knew why you stopped visiting me at my blog. If I said anything at all to offend you two I am very sorry. MaryBeth is a close personal friend of mine who worked with my husband in the Navy. I think it’s neat you all are calling each other. MaryBeth is an incredibly wise women. Hope you contact me soon.. Blessings~~ JenniferD

  7. Lisa

    WOW! I can’t believe he’s a month old either!
    WOW! I can’t believe he’s a month old either! he is such a cutie though!!! you need to put Jer behind the camera more so you can get in on the pics!!:wave:

  8. JenniferD

    Oh Jenn~~ I am so happy nothing was wrong between the two of us.
    Oh Jenn~~ I am so happy nothing was wrong between the two of us. I didn’t think there was but you kept tagging Marybeth and not me 🙁 I even took you off my reads thinking I had done something. Gosh, I feel like a ton of weights have been lifted.. You never know when you can say something too bold and offend. I am glad that isn’t our case!!! :lovey:
    I am off now to put you back on my reads. You continue to astonsh me with all your hard work and devotion. Your blog is just incredible and unique. Hugs and Blessing 2U~~ JenniferD :bear:

  9. Brandi

    Jen –
    I have been reading your site for a while now.
    Jen –
    I have been reading your site for a while now. First of all I am so happy for you and your husband. You are truely blessed. Second a colic riden baby is the worst. I have a 10 month old now and have often said to friends that are pregnant that after the baby comes there will be times when you wonder why you even wanted to become a mother. Don’t feel bad about it. Everyone goes through it. I can tell you that it only gets better. Some things I did when my daugther had colic was hold her in the football hold with her stomach/face facing down or lay him across your knees when you are sitting down and rub his back. The pressure on his belly should make him feel better. Also try going into the bathroom with the vent/fan on. The noise puts them right out. Also put him in his carseat and turn the dryer on with the carseat sitting on top. I found that the thing that would calm her down one night didn’t work the next. It is a ongoing battle and you are doing wonderful! Keep up the good work. 3 months from now you won’t even think about how hard it was in the beginning!:angel:

  10. Tamara

    Hi Jenn, I am so glad that everything is going so well with brea
    Hi Jenn, I am so glad that everything is going so well with breastfeeding. I know nothing about colic, if that is what your little man has but do you swaddle him at all? Henry loved it and was so comforted in that position. He was like that for 4 months! LOL Also, during feedings try burping him more often. It’s just a guess but everything is worth trying.
    I have a friend who’s newborn sounds like Jeremiah and he is comforted by the vacuum which has become a permanent fixture in the front room! :rotfl:

    What you are feeling is so normal, I felt like Henry didn’t like me for months because everything I did, he didn’t like and then one day it did click and it all fell into place. Just take the time to get to know him, because that is what he is doing. After 9 months of being carried inside of you, that’s all he wants and it’s understandable, he loves you so much and needs you. But it can be exhausting I know! Take each day one at a time. Motherhood is so new to you and it’s not an instant role that one steps into comfortably or confidently. Henry is now 2 and I have alot to learn! It’s so obvious how much you love him and you are doing a great job! You really are! 😉

  11. Autumn

    Hi Jenn! Great pix of you all but you are missing in action in t
    Hi Jenn! Great pix of you all but you are missing in action in them most of the time..TISK TISK…TEE HEE!
    Faith had colic and was a very hard to please baby as she screamed like she had horrible gas pain continually. The doctor had us change her formula a million times and we finally found one that seemed to help but she still screamed a bunch. I used to put her bouncy seat on the dryer, take her for long car rides provided I did not feel like I was going to crash the car from the high pitch screaming. I finally bought this vibrating thing for her crib and that helped a bunch. Also she loved the swing while she was screaming. We went through two swings while she was colicky. She actually burned the motor out on the first one. Once Faith got to her 5 th month she was much better. There is so much to adjust too in the beginning months and you are sleep deprived so things are just amplified for you all. Hang in there and I love you all!!

  12. Rebekah

    One month already?!? Wow!! The time flew by!!!
    One month already?!? Wow!! The time flew by!!! :frog: You must be having so much fun!!!! :baby: Have a blessed weekend! **HUGS**

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