Weight gain

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at the dr’s weight check yesterday, jeremiah weighed 8lbs 14oz!!! yay!!! he’s nearly 9lbs!! how exciting is that?!?!?
things are going well. he is still a little piggy, loving my breast as well as his formula. he is still adorable, and is getting longer and chubbier every day!!
i am going to try to work on a new layout when time permits – i have a great idea for his new layout. i’m going to attempt to go away from inline frames for once! 😮 can you believe it?!
i am debating on whether i will ever have the strength and energy to open my jenn’s journey journal. i know that i need to reopen it, since this journal should just be about the sonshine boy, and in the future when i have other kids, i can’t post everything here…but i don’t want this blog to ever be neglected! make sense?
my cousin had her baby – and it’s a boy! 🙂 we didn’t know who she was having. now she has a lil girl and a lil boy! 🙂
anyways, that’s it for now!!
thanks again for all the prayers and love…i love you all!! 🙂 here are big hugs and kisses from jeremiah : :lovey:

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  1. Cheryl

    Way to grow, Jeremiah! 🙂
    Way to grow, Jeremiah! 🙂

  2. JenniferD

    Hi Jenn,
    ~Congrats~ on the weight gain!!~ I am so happy that th
    Hi Jenn,
    ~Congrats~ on the weight gain!!~ I am so happy that things are finally going in your favor. You are super smart to figure out the breast feeding thing and stick with it. You should be praised!!~ Soo many women (myself included) give up too early with feeding from the breast. I am very proud of you :yes:
    Still looking forward to reading your birth story. I have a feeling the birth didn’t go according to plans? I cannot wait to hear it and hope you post just a quick summery soon. Hugs JenD :bear:

  3. Shana

    Fabulous news on the weight gain, that’s wonderful!
    Fabulous news on the weight gain, that’s wonderful! You are doing a great job, mama, I hope your milk supply keeps increasing and Jeremiah keeps on growing.

  4. Chris

    That is great to hear Jenn! ((
    That is great to hear Jenn! ((hugs))

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