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just wanted to post that the dr appt went great today! jeremiah’s doctor is thrilled at the weight he’s gained – he’s now up to 7lbs 11oz!! she says i can go to waking him up every four hours at night, as opposed to every two (of course, as always, if he wakes up hungry on his own, i’ll feed him whenever! but last night i had to wake him up for three of his feedings! he would have slept through them otherwise.).
my little man’s umbilical cord fell off the night before his one week birthday! the dr said it looked great today, as well as his circ healing, and said we are good to give him a REAL bath on wednesday! yay! she was so impressed by his progress she said we didn’t need to come back until his one month appt. i’m SOOOOOOOOO happy and thankful!!!!!!
he has been much more awake and alert now, and has slept really well when he should be sleeping. 🙂 he is eating a lot, and i am pretty sure my good milk has come in, so it should be soon that he will be getting more full.
we are still doing a little bit of supplementing when he still acts hungry after i fed him for a long time. there is no chance of him having nipple confusion because he sucks the bottle hard like it’s my nipple LOL. plus, he LOVES mama’s yummies and doesn’t like the burpies the formula gives him. 🙂
i FINALLY have some pics up, because papa FINALLY made me a webalbum script!! go to photos on the sidebar. 🙂 i am very happy with how it turned out. i will try to have some more up soon, but like i said, give me time.
he is soooo precious and wonderful and i’m so thankful for him!!!! i thank the Lord every minute i’m with him. thanks for all your prayers where he is concerned. they mean SOOOOO much!!!!

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  1. Jen

    that’s wonderful that’s he’s gained weight! consider yourself lu
    that’s wonderful that’s he’s gained weight! consider yourself lucky. my little piggy wakes up every 2 hrs to eat 😉 he’s such a cutie! isn’t being a mommy the best? :lovey:
    <3jen&adriana :kiss:

  2. Jess

    He is so sweet!!! I love the l
    He is so sweet!!! I love the layout!

  3. Nanou

    Hi Jenn,
    I’m glad Jeremiah is “feeling” better now and putting
    Hi Jenn,
    I’m glad Jeremiah is “feeling” better now and putting on weight as he should be…
    I’ve just had a look at the pictures in your album… Jeremiah looks so sweet!!
    Take care!!

  4. Kara

    :baby: Everything looks so cute in here, Jenn! And, Jeremiah is
    :baby: Everything looks so cute in here, Jenn! And, Jeremiah is adorable! Way to go for both of you on the good weight gain! Isn’t nursing awesome? :lovey: Don’t worry about the nipple confusion thing too much … Jillian had a paci that everyone gave us grief over, but she nursed for over two years, so I don’t think it ever bothered our bf’ing relationship! 😆 You’re the mama: you follow your heart and your gut, and you’ll be fine. ((( hugs ))) to you! I’m SO excited to be writing this and know that Jeremiah is here after such a long wait! WOO HOOOOOO!!!:rotfl:

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