I’m Here!

I’m Here!

I know some of you already know that I was born, but I just wanted to let you know myself that I am here!
I was born on Sunday, Jan. 18, at 8:36 in the morning. I weighed 8lbs 1.5oz and was 21 inches long. I have light blonde hair (all over my body too! and my eyebrows and eyelashes are very light, so you can barely see them.) and dark, gray-blue eyes. Mama says I have her face-shape, eyes, ears, and mouth, and I have Papa’s nose, legs, hands, fingers, feet, and toes! Mama and Papa are sooooo in love with me. They can’t believe how precious I am to them.
My Gramma and Grampa REALLY like me!! Gramma was there to see me born, and Grampa was there soon after. He took 20 Polaroid pictures of me. He is one proud Grampa. Gramma seems to be around a lot, just staring, and kissing, and talking, and smiling at me!!!! She keeps wanting me to burp, and she won’t stop talking about how perfect my lips are. (Grampa makes fun of her about it). Great Grampa thinks I am “just the berries” (whatever that means!?) Tonight at dinner, he said I look too pretty to be a boy-child. Should I be offended!?
My Aunt Nellie, Uncle Josh, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jay are all crazy about me too! They think I’m pretty special. I don’t know what all the fuss is about, but, hey – I’m not complaining!
My ‘brother’ KC really likes me too. At first he didn’t know what to think of me, but he has accepted me as his little brother now. He likes to give me kisses when Mama and Papa say it’s ok (it tickles!) and he likes to guard me when anyone is holding me. He hates it when I cry, and whines for Mama and Papa to make me feel better. I think we are going to be real pals! 🙂
Well, I need to go to bed, but I thought I should introduce myself! Thanks for all the prayers and support!
Jeremiah Gigowski

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