It Won’t Be Long

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Dear Jeremiah,
i can’t sleep. For many reasons. First of all, ever since we came back from the dr. today (he stripped my membranes today), you have seemed extremely active. much more active than usual. which makes it extremely difficult for mama to sleep!
secondly, i’m just thinking so much about meeting you. about pushing, then hearing dr. dunlop tell me i can touch your head…then just a few more pushes, then hearing you cry for the first time, then holding you in my arms.
i can’t help but cry as i think about our first look at each other. i know your vision will be very blurry, but i have no doubt you’ll know i’m your mama.
i just can’t believe that the dream i’ve been dreaming will be here in my arms any day now. my life will never be the same.
of course, you’ve already changed my life, and we’ve never even met!
i’m so happy you’re mine. your papa and i love you so much. you will never know just how wanted and loved you are. we will do our best to show you.
soon, my sweet son, soon.

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