blessed sunday everyone!

we had a great sermon today. of course i can’t go into great detail, since i’m not a pastor and i didn’t memorize his sermon, i wanted to share a few thoughts from it.

we are discussing grace. the true depth and meaning of the word. we often take it for granted, and don’t take it seriously enough.

the analogy is that sin is our master, and shame is his wife. even though Jesus has set us free, we still feel held captive to sin and shame! grace is the president who FREES us by signing our emancipation proclamation. all we have to do is realize this and move on!

i can’t do the sermon justice, but as soon as the pastor gets his sermons typed out, i’m going to post it in full. it was great. of course the main scripture of today was most of romans 6. i love paul’s writing! he is so deep, but everything he says is totally simple to understand. God really blessed him with the gift of teaching.


i can’t remember if i mentioned the dresser we were given…a friend of mine from high school is moving to arizona and can’t take his dresser. so he asked if we wanted it, and we really needed one, so we said yes. he brought it over the other day, and it was in pretty bad shape. old, scraped up, etc. (i wish i’d taken a picture!) we decided to sand it down right then. the next day, i bought stain, so we stained it that night. yesterday we put polyeurothane (sp) on it, and now it’s dry and beautiful and ready to go. i’m taking a pic of it, but since our digital camera doesn’t work well, i’m using the standard cam, so i won’t be able to post it until we get back from vacation. i just thought i’d let everyone know that we got a great blessing in that gift! 🙂 watching all the remodeling on trading spaces helped us with the fixing up part! lol.

well, we start our vacation tomorrow. not sure if we’ll be using the computer for the week. please still post on the guestbook or tagboard while i’m gone – i would love to see that i was missed! lol. i get to meet jen from Cobblestone Lane and i’m VERY excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is my absolute best friend online, and one of my best friends in the world!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 we’re both excited AND nervous about meeting, so keep us in your prayers! it will be on wednesday that we meet.

pray for journey blessings, and a fun, relaxing time! we also are praying to get pregnant during this time, so pray extra long for that! 🙂

God bless you all! have a super-duper-blessing-filled week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

48 thoughts on “great sermon

  1. Oops!! I posted a comment to this post on the comments for the
    Oops!! I posted a comment to this post on the comments for the post below it. I’m brain dead! LOL

  2. Hi, Jenn!! I hope you have an awesome week too! I can’t wait to
    Hi, Jenn!! I hope you have an awesome week too! I can’t wait to see a pic of your ‘new’ dresser! 😉 ((HUGS))

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