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i just got my order of cloth diapers in!! we ordered bumkins all-in-ones. they are sooo cute!! i’m very pleased with them. i can hardly wait to get one on my little man!!! 🙂
i forgot to mention i have a dr’s appt tomorrow, as well as meeting our doula for the first time. OH and i also forgot to mention that i am strep b positive. 🙁 so i will be put on antibiotics for his delivery, AND he will have to stay for observation at least 48 hrs. sigh.
anyway, that’s it for now! 🙂 hugs!

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  1. Julie

    Hi Jenn! You’re down to the final stretch now! YAY! Jared was du
    Hi Jenn! You’re down to the final stretch now! YAY! Jared was due on 1/19, but he came on 1/10… Here’s hoping that Jeremiah comes early too. 🙂

    I had a dram like yours once… But with me, it was a perfect impression of a foot poking out of my tummy. It was pretty cool.

    I had another dream on Sunday morning, that I was pregnant again, and it was a boy :baby: … I sure hope Joe lets me have one more!!!! 😀


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