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A Lovely Sunday

it is such a lovely day! you can’t tell at all it’s december. the snow is gone, the weather is almost spring-like. kind of unnerving in a way! lol!
the pastor’s prayer today included jerry, jeremiah and me…he asked for protection for us, since our baby is due in the next few days…LOL. i think he’s more anxious than i am to have this baby!!!! (NOT!!!!!!) it’s more like the next few weeks, but i can HOPE he’ll come in the next few days, right??! it is really exciting to see how much the people of our church care for us, and how anxious they are to meet our son. 🙂 :love:
new preggo pics up!!
i am REALLY excited to get this baby out of me. as much as i love him, and love feeling him move inside me, i can’t wait to hold him in my arms. i can’t wait to see his face. i want to smother him with kisses and hugs. i am soooo uncomfortable lately. i don’t think the boy knows the rules that when there is less room, he needs to move around less…he seems to be moving even more than ever lately. and it’s VERY uncomfortable.
anyway, i don’t want to complain – this boy is the most precious gift ever. i am so thankful for him, so thankful the Lord blessed us with him. i guess i’m just READY. the ball’s in his court now!! anytime, jeremiah!!!!! mama’s ready!!!!!!!
we had denny’s for lunch. i had the biggest :burger: i’ve ever seen. i didn’t even finish half of it. LOL. my eyes are bigger than my belly i think. 😉 (not possible, you say? lol!)
i have been trying to think of a cute, clever title for jeremiah’s site. once he’s born, i’m moving all of this stuff over there, and i’m actually starting to move things now (in case there are any missing links in the next few weeks). but anyway, originally, i was going to call it
Raising Jeremiah: Oh, the Joys of a Boy!
and i still love that, but is it too long?? i don’t know, because this site has been Precious Dreams are Coming True…Waiting for Jeremiah, and that’s even longer…LOL. what do you think?? should i just go with something boring and simple, like jeremiah’s room? or something else? couldn’t think of anything with a ‘j’ like jenn’s journey. well, jeremiah’s jungle, but that is kind of older sounding to me….ok i’m babbling, but i would love to hear your input about it. 😉
well, happy Sunday, friends and aunties! 🙂 huggles!

6 thoughts on “A Lovely Sunday”

  1. Hmm….Jeremiah’s Journey? 😆 I dont’t know…hehe.
    Hmm….Jeremiah’s Journey? 😆 I dont’t know…hehe. And I know exactly how you are feeling about wanting him to come out soon…I was feeling that way just a few weeks ago. But when he finally makes his appearance, it will be the best moment of your life and all the uncomfortableness you are going through now won’t even matter. 😀 And the pain…you will forget any pain as soon as they lay him on your chest for the first time. It’s so amazing. I can’t wait for Jeremiah to be born!!

  2. I can’t think of any good blog names right now…Hmm, I’ll have
    I can’t think of any good blog names right now…Hmm, I’ll have to keep thinking for ya.
    My sister is so ready to have her baby too! The weeks are dragging by for her. I keep telling her to enjoy every minute because once the baby is born she will wish she was back inside her NOT CRYING, rofl!!! I hope it happens for you real soon!! I can’t wait!! I was dying with my internet down, I kept thinking – what if Jenn has her baby!!! LOL
    hugs n love

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