please keep my friend manda in your prayers. she may or may not be having sarrah at any time…it’s up in the air. i guess that’s how birth always is. LOL. but she was (is?) in the hospital. just keep her in your prayers, as i’m sure she’s feeling nervous.
i think jeremiah dropped sometime in the middle of the night. when i went to bed, he was normal feeling; when i woke up for one of my late night potty breaks, he was lower. not so much pressure on my lungs, or kicking on my ribs! 🙂 i assume it’s because he’s dropped that i’m feeling a lot better all around. i have more energy, and have been doing some major cleaning. does that count as nesting? i have also been very concerned about getting jeremiah’s room ALL done.

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  1. manda is definitely in my prayers.
    manda is definitely in my prayers. i’m sure everything will be just fine and sarrah will be a healthy little girl. God is watching over them :yes:

    i didn’t notice when adriana dropped. but then again, i’m not very in tune with my body. i’m scared i’m going to have the baby in my sleep! lol (j/k)

    i hope you guys are doing well and i hope to update you with a birth announcement soon! the swelling is driving me insane!

  2. Hi Jenn!!!~ Just stopping by and was thinking about ya!!:baby: I
    Hi Jenn!!!~ Just stopping by and was thinking about ya!!:baby: I was watching Maternity Ward tonight on TLC channel and know that you are close to having your baby. I am so happy for you. Watch out for those energy bursts they can be a sign. :yes: Hope that every thing is okay with your friend. Labor is such a tricky thing and we all are blessed now a days to have modern medicine. Gosh, I don’t know how women did it way back long ago. Hugs and Happy Holidays~~:angel: JenD

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