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36 weeks…and counting!

this week:
“Your baby is working hard to accumulate all the fat he can, in preparation for delivery. His body is growing rounder every day, since about 15 percent of his total weight is now made up of fat. Once he is born, this fat layer will help him maintain his body temperature and give him a reliable energy source.

Baby now weighs around six pounds and is 20.7 inches long.

– Major organ development is already complete, such as the kidneys and liver.

– Some fine-tuning, such as the final development of the lungs, is still taking place inside the womb.

– Baby’s head is round, but by the time he makes it through the birth canal it may be temporarily a bit misshapen as the soft bones of the skull are compressed by powerful contractions. His head shape will return to normal within a few days.”

i’m not feeling well, so i am going to make this short.
does everyone who comes on here hear a song playing? i ask because i have gotten a few compliments on the song playing, and there ISN’t a song playing anymore. i took it out for rebekah and other slow-connection folks. (her computer is slow, not her mind LOL.) so i wonder where you’re hearing this wonderful, relaxing song?? i know at gigowski’s garden there is a wonderful one playing. is that what you’re thinking of??
yesterday jerry and i went to see return of the king, and it was incredibly good. go see it. we also finished almost all of our shopping. he still needs to get me one more thing, he says. he actually GOT ANGRY WITH ME for saying i didn’t need anything. i said, ‘what is it that every year of our marriage i have said i wanted for a Christmas gift?’ he said, ‘a baby.’ i said, ‘yes!’ as if that was that, and he didn’t need to get me anything. he got upset, saying that yeah, sure, he could put a piece of paper with jeremiah’s name written on it under the tree, and tell everyone that’s what he got me. what does it matter what other people think anyways?! i don’t NEED anything right now. i don’t WANT any clothes right now, because HOPEFULLY i will be wearing a different size when i lose my baby fat (and yes, i know it takes several weeks, even months to do so). anyway, i ended up telling him i always love getting cds, and we also picked up a boppy pillow (using one of our baby shower gift cards). this one has a little place for him to sit in and be cradled. the other ones i’d seen didn’t have that feature. so he still says he needs to get me something else, and i just want to be surprised with something, i don’t care what it is. i guess i understand, because i LOVE giving gifts too, and i would feel cheated if i couldn’t buy him a gift…it’s just that jeremiah (after jerry) is what i’ve always wanted…
lookie what i did:
i think i did a good job. maybe if i feel up to it later, i will add a few yellow sponge-painted stars above it. and maybe write ‘Dream Sweet Dreams’.
ok that’s it i need to go…
one more thing – i remember as a child loving to put ‘icicles’ on the Christmas tree. i always thought it made the tree look so beautiful. jerry and i put some on ours last night, and it looks um, dumb. like cobwebby or something. did we just put them up wrong, or what?? as i child, i just remember throwing handfuls of it on the tree, wherever i wanted…was i really so naive to think it looked good? were my parents really so easy as to let us ruin the tree? these are the questions i’m pondering now.
if you’re wondering what happened to the quick, short post…so am i. lol.
hope everyone has a great saturday!!! 🙂 hugs!

5 thoughts on “36 weeks…and counting!”

  1. The mural is GREAT! Did you use a stencil? I love it! 🙂 I a
    The mural is GREAT! Did you use a stencil? I love it! 🙂 I am glad you got your Christmas shopping done. Also I don’t hear any music lol. I am slow connection too so thank you for taking that off even though I wasn’t here when you took it off. All of this baby stuff is so exciting! I wish you and your family the best sweetie! :love:

  2. Hi Jenn! Love the mural. I painted one on our first nursery wal
    Hi Jenn!

    Love the mural. I painted one on our first nursery wall too, but I did Pooh Bear and friends. It’s still up, but that room is now the boy’s room :spin:

    I hope you’re feeling well. I know that those last few weeks can be so uncomfortable, and you just can’t wait to hold that baby in your arms!… I remember it well!…. I am hoping I can talk Joe into letting me do it one more time! LOL!

    Have a great night! Only 5 days until Christmas!


  3. Hello hun! You did an awesome job with the baby snoopy!
    Hello hun! You did an awesome job with the baby snoopy! It looks so cute:snoopy:
    Have a Merry Christmas Jenn & Jerry!
    Thank you for the Christmas Card, it was very sweet of you 🙂 Lovely letter! I am glad that you are getting exactly what you want this year for Christmas!!
    Hugs n Blessings!:lovey:

  4. Love the snoopy!!!!! I can’t wait till I have a nursery to decor
    Love the snoopy!!!!! I can’t wait till I have a nursery to decorate! You did a wonderful job!:snoopy:

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Jenn!!! You old woman you, hahahaha..
    Happy Belated Birthday Jenn!!! You old woman you, hahahaha.. Oh it’s getting so close and I’m almost as excited as you!! You did a wonderful job on the snoopy. He is so adorable. My favorite dog next to P.L. of course. Soon the holiday’s will be over for another year, so hard to believe. Well it’s early morn and I need to get to bed. I received your card sweetie and thank you!! I truly cherish you and your friendship!! Wasn’t RTOK awesome, the scenery alone was worth it. Lots of love and ~hugs~

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