Happy Birthday to Me!

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i can’t believe i am 28. i feel very old to be having my first baby at 28…
jerry told me happy birthday this morning before he got his shower, but i didn’t hear him. so i went into the bathroom and just gave him ‘the look’. he was like, WHAT?? he thought i wanted the gift my mom had left and made me wait until today to open (i know, cruel, huh?) so he took it into the room for me. i said, bear, i just wanted you to tell me happy birthday. he said, jenn, i already did this morning before i got up! lol! ok that was a dumb story.
my mom’s gift was the pizza pizzaz, which i have been wanting for a few years now. i thought she probably forgot i still wanted it. i am the biggest pizza-lover in the world…i can’t believe i don’t have a slice of pizza smilie…(just pretend it’s here). and you can use it on fresh, homemade pizzas, take and bake pizzas and frozen pizzas. i’m so excited. i’m sure jerry and grampa will resent it – they feel we have too much pizza already. LOL. :yummy:
well lots of things have happened since i posted last. no, jeremiah didn’t come!! i would have made jerry post about it if i was unable! lol! on tuesday, mom brought one of my old dolls, from when i was a child. we saw something on ‘a baby story’ that we thought we should try…to get kc used to a baby in the house. we dressed the baby in one of jeremiah’s outfits and put baby lotion on it (still doesn’t smell like a real baby though!). we have been treating it like a baby, though we feel very dumb doing it, and it seems to be working. at first, kc was SOOO resentful of it! he wouldn’t look at it when we asked him ‘do you want to talk to the baby?’ and he acted like he was going to nip it. now he will sit next to one of us holding it, and be fine. so we’re glad we did this…i know it will be different when jeremiah is here, but it’s nice to get him used to the idea of someone taking over our attention. it’s so funny when we put the baby to bed – we say, ‘time for baby to go to bed!’ and kc follows us in jeremiah’s room and watches us kiss the doll and say goodnight things to it as we place it in his crib. THEN we say, ‘time for kc to go to bed!’ and he runs to his cage for bedtime. it’s so adorable.
i also have been working on packing my bag. it just seems like a lot of the things they mention i need aren’t really necessary, and there’s something else that i should be taking instead. sigh. i’m still working on it though, never fear! ๐Ÿ™‚ i really really need to get a nursing bra. still don’t have one. that’s a bday gift mom promised to buy for me, but of course i have to pick it out. i want it to be fitted on me. i am a horrible bra person. i hate trying them on, and they never fit me properly. SOOOO i am getting fitted for this one, since it’s very important!! it has to be comfortable or i’ll be miserable. i have three outfits for jeremiah’s going home outfit picked out. since i don’t know how big or little he’ll be, there are three different sizes:
yellow ducky, cookie monster, lil cowboy
cute, eh??
guess what else i have been doing? i’m painting the baby snoopy ‘mural’ on jeremiah’s wall above his crib. we have been putting it off long enough. it’s nearly done, and when it is done i’ll post it for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m kinda proud of myself.
well i really need to get to the bathroom…grampa was in there for a while!!!
have a great day!! huggles!!

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  1. Cheryl Flaim

    Happy birthday, Jenn! Hope it
    Happy birthday, Jenn! Hope it’s a great one!

  2. Manda

    I really like the blue baby outfit to the right in the picture.
    I really like the blue baby outfit to the right in the picture. Although it looks like maybe it’s the biggest… so it probably won’t end up being the ‘coming home’ outfit.

    It sounds like you are having a good birthday soo far (despite the miscommunication this with Jer.) Happy Birthday to you. (insert cute birthday soundrack.) Sorry it doesn’t look like Sarrah will make it on your B-Day. ๐Ÿ™ I am still holding out that she’ll come soon though.

  3. Jen

    happy 28th birthday jenn!!!i hope you have a very special day ๐Ÿ™‚
    happy 28th birthday jenn!!!
    i hope you have a very special day ๐Ÿ™‚
    i agree, most of the things they reccommend for the hospital bag sound useless and so outdated. i mean, a tennis ball? c’mon! our men’s hands can do a much better massage. and, a focal point? lol nowadays they have TVs in the rooms, and that is a much better focal point if you ask me!
    the outfits you have picked out for jeremiah are adorable!
    just don’t use them before adriana comes, ok?? BIG hugs!
    your friend,
    ~jen :rotfl:

  4. Rebekah

    Happy Birthday, Jenn!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
    Happy Birthday, Jenn!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! :partyhat::baby::partyhatcheezy::lovey::rotfl:

  5. Amy

    Hey Jenn! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great rest of the da
    Hey Jenn! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great rest of the day! Yeah, I didn’t pack a lot of those things they have on that list. But, I ended up having a C-Section anyway, so it’s a completely different scenario. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Take care and try to be patient!:)

  6. Kimberly

    Oh bah! You are NOT old ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the new set up!
    Oh bah! You are NOT old ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the new set up! This is beautiful! The song is extremely relaxing, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Wont be long now for you! Jan 17 is only 4 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lovey:

  7. Christy

    ACK! I missed it! Happy belated birthday.
    ACK! I missed it! Happy belated birthday. I think all of the outfits are cute. That’s a tough decision.

  8. Jess

    What cute outfits! And a mural, neat! I can’t wait to see it.
    What cute outfits! And a mural, neat! I can’t wait to see it. Chad and I like pizza too, but sadly my hypoglycemia isn’t allowing me to have it anymore. I can have a little if I stay on my diet perfectly, but really all the starches in pizza just make me feel really bad. Anyway, it’s okay. It wasn’t my favorite food. But have fun with your Pizza Maker! That sounds neat! :yummy:

  9. Carol

    Happy Belated Birthday! (((HU
    Happy Belated Birthday!


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