35 weeks

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can you believe i’m 35 weeks now?! i can’t!

In week 35, the average baby weighs around five to six pounds and measures about 16 to 19 inches in length. Your baby will begin to gain weight more rapidly than ever before – adding about one half to three-quarters of a pound each week from this point forward. And healthy fat is being deposited all over your baby’s body, especially around the shoulders.

Because of his size, your baby may move around less as his surroundings become more cramped. His head may be resting on your pubic bone in preparation for labor and delivery.

Other developments are also taking place this week:

– The central nervous system will continue to mature.
– The lungs will most likely be fully developed by Week 35.
– Baby is beginning to develop daily activity cycles. You may notice that Baby is often more active at night when you’re trying to rest! (he is still doing a good job sleeping when i do…most of the time!)
– Even thought they won’t be considered ‘full-term’ until the end of the 40th week, Baby’s respiratory and digestive systems are nearly mature.
– Baby’s immune system is starting to develop.
– The umbilical cord is now about 20 inches long and one to two centimeters in diameter; at birth, it will be about two feet long and a half-inch thick.

jerry works with a lady who was due a week before me. well, she had to go into the hospital the other day, and they performed a c-section on her. jerry said he didn’t think it was serious or anything, and the baby is fine. (a girl, and he doesn’t know her name.)
it is just so crazy to think that at ANY time now, jeremiah could be born!!!! i definitely have to get my bag packed.
here is what the expectant parents’ class suggested i pack:
bed pillows
cd player and music
hand fan
lip balm
food for jerry
cards, books, videos, time-passers
focal point
massaging items
camera, film, video cam
slippers, bathrobe
change of clothes for jerry
going home clothes for jeremiah and me
reading and writing material
bra and panties
seems like quite a big bag to me!!! lol! anything that you experienced mamas think i need to ADD to that list, or things that i DON’T need that were on that list? i’d appreciate it! 😉
well i need to get dressed. jerry is off today. wonder what we’ll do today? finally get a tree maybe? :p
please keep jennifer in your prayers – she was supposed to be induced on thurs. it’s still too soon to hear from her, so just keep praying for her and ian!!!

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  1. Kathleen

    Don’t forget hand cream or som
    Don’t forget hand cream or some sort of moisturizer, sometimes hospitals are really dry and it can make your skin go that way, too!;)

  2. Manda

    I agree with you about the fact that it seems like it’s going to
    I agree with you about the fact that it seems like it’s going to be a big bag. That’s part of the reason I haven’t started yet. It’s intimidating. Plus there are a lot of things like bra’s that I don’t have extra’s of, so I’ll be using them up to the day. Can’t pack them!

  3. April

    It’s hard to believe that Jeremiah is almost ready to be born!
    It’s hard to believe that Jeremiah is almost ready to be born! Thanks for your prayers and kind notes. I had a great Thanksgiving! My brother came to visit and brought his girlfriend. It was nice to get to know her.

  4. Cheryl Flaim

    I never used most of the things I brought to the hospital when C
    I never used most of the things I brought to the hospital when Caleb was born (none of the music, time passers, massage things, focal points) so I left those all out this time! I just brought clothes to go home in and clothes for the baby and that was it!:)

  5. Jennifer

    I honestly stayed in my hospital gown the whole time! The clothe
    I honestly stayed in my hospital gown the whole time! The clothes I wore home were the clothes I wore there. They were stretchy PJ pants so they were a bit bigger on me when we went home…lol. I didnt even need to bring panties…they will give you these awesome stretchy mesh boy-short looking panties. They are sooooo comfortable. I wish I had several pair of them!

    Thanks for praying for us! Things went exceptionally well! =)

  6. Julie

    Hi Jenn, I would say that you don’t need hardly any of those thi
    Hi Jenn, I would say that you don’t need hardly any of those things!…:

    “bed pillows” – No, I wouldn’t. The hospital has lots of them…

    “cd player and music” – Both hospitals I delivered in had radios, but I never did listen to them. I was too wrapped up in the baby to even think about it…

    “hand fan” – I suppose that would be nice. During labor with Jared, Joe fanned me with his hat… Don’t remember if I appriciated it or not! LOL!

    “lip balm” – Never had a problem myself, but it’s a small item, so it won’t take up much room…

    “food for jerry” – This is a good idea. Labor could last a long time, and you won’t want him running off to the cafeteria…

    “cards, books, videos, time-passers” – Honestly, they would never be used. Before you have the baby you’re in labor, and who can read then? And after, you have the baby to gaze at, hold, feed, love, etc… Who wants to read then?

    “socks” – Not much of a sock person myself… It’s really up to you…

    “focal point” – Never used one myself…

    “massaging items” – This would have just annoyed me… When I am in pain, I don’t want to be touched…

    “camera, film, video cam” – MOST DEFINITLY

    “toiletries” – This is a given! LOL!

    “slippers, bathrobe” – Personally never used them…

    “change of clothes for jerry” – Yes, this is a good idea.. Also pack him some sweats to sleep in.

    “going home clothes for jeremiah and me” – Yes, I used mine…

    “reading and writing material” – Bring the writing stuff for sure, you may want to write something to Jeremiah, and you won’t want to forget the details of his birth before you get home. I always brought the baby book too, and had it filled in before we left the hospital.

    “change” – Jerry might want this for vending machines and the pay phone…

    “bra and panties” – Personally, I preferred my undies over the hospital net ones… But my back-end is bigger, so mine were more comphy…. Make sure to have a nursing bra… Much easier…

    Well, this is just my opinion after having 4 kids! LOL!


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