I’m baaaack! ;)

current weight: 184
current mood: :snail: (a bit sluggish)
baby stats: In these last few weeks before delivery, billions of your baby’s brain cells are helping him to learn about his environment. These cells help him to listen, feel, and even see. In fact, this is another important week for visual development. By now, your baby may now be able to experience his surroundings visually, since the pupils of his eye can now detect some light. His pupils are constricting and dilating to allow him to see dim shapes.

Your baby now weighs about 4.4 pounds! (Babies gain a good deal of their weight in the final few weeks before birth.) He is about 16.4 inches long from head to toe.

Other developments this week include:

– Baby’s head size will increase about 3/8 of an inch in circumference this week.

– Baby is now sleeping much of the time.

– Baby’s lungs are continuing to mature.

– Fat will continue to be added on to Baby’s body for protection and warmth.

– The testicles of most boys have by now moved into the scrotum.
the move has officially been made. i haven’t noticed any major differences in speed yet, but time will tell! we are still on the same host, but they upgraded to faster, more updated servers. i’m sure it will be worth the effort (it didn’t cost us any extra, so that’s good!). and yes, in case you didn’t notice, there’s another new layout!! jerry just asked me why i needed another new one…welllll i get bored easily…besides, the last one was thanksgiving-y. 😉 i have been wanting to use this verse and also this pic for a while, so why not now? what do you think?
all the posts anyone made since jerry posted that message (about not posting) have been lost in the transfer. along with my thanksgiving post. i hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving.
thanksgiving day was kind of lonely and depressing for me. i made a big deal about it not mattering to me what day we celebrate on, about it being the thought behind it that matters, but i was very sad on thursday. not to mention hormonal, but it just felt very strange to have ham and beans when i knew everyone else was having turkey and stuffing!
we celebrated with the whole family yesterday at mom’s house. i was having a horribly hormonal day. i was feeling bad from the moment i woke up. i was tired, achy, sore, and just plain MOODY. i wanted to cry or yell about everything. i tried not to ruin everyone else’s day, but i’m afraid i may have. :rolleyes: we came home early and i slept for 4 hours. when i awoke i felt a lot better.
today church was nice. we had a pitch-in after as well. i passed out thank-you cards to the ladies who were actually there today…many were sick. seems to be the time of the year for that!
going backwards a bit now, on wednesday i had my dr’s appt. i was 33 fundal height (so he’s measuring about half a week ahead), my bp was great, as usual, and his heartrate was in the 140s again. it was funny for him to stick the dopplar on and immediately get a loud, strong heartbeat. usually he searches for a second or two first.
well i have a new preggo pic up! taken today!
i know there were other things i wanted to post about, but with my preggo brain being the way it is….need i say more??? :confused:
i just wanted to say that i am SOOOO thankful for my precious baby, i am SOOOO thankful for my wonderful hubby :inlove:, i’m SOOOO thankful for my family, and i’m SOOO thankful for my friends. 🙂

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  1. hi jenn,you look great! 😀 i’m jealous.
    hi jenn,
    you look great! 😀 i’m jealous. you have not one zit! my face is broken out really badly from the hormones. it sure does seem like everyone is getting sick (including me!). i hope you can avoid the germs that are going around.
    glad to hear jeremiah is doing so well! he sounds like a strong, healthy boy. you guys are always in my prayers :yes:

  2. :baby:Hi Jenn! Love the new look, and the Anne Geddes picture! A

    Hi Jenn! Love the new look, and the Anne Geddes picture! And don’t worry about Jeremiah acting like the boys in the nursery, neither of my boys are like that!!! (Thank Heavens!) Their Sunday School teachers, and the Junior Church teacher are always telling me how sweet and well behaved they are :D.

    Well, need to get some walking in before the kids wake up. Have a great one!


  3. HEY GIRL! Just wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you!
    HEY GIRL! Just wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you! You’re such a great support person.

    ((Big Hug))

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