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papa worked overtime last night, so kc and i were sooooo lonely for him. 🙁 but then he came home and we were sooooo happy! 😉 i’m glad the night wasn’t too hard on him. he was in a good mood when he came home. but he was very tired this morning when he left!!
yesterday my friend telina, who was unable to attend the shower because she was working, stopped by. i hadn’t seen her since before pregnancy! we had a nice little talk. it’s so wonderful to know how many people are thrilled that we are pregnant, because they know how long i’ve wanted to have a child. 🙂
i am working on a page about lofty plans we have for jeremiah. things that i’ve wanted to do with/for my baby for a longggg time (long before i was pregnant).
i have been feeling a little better. the medicine worked. i haven’t vomited in two days! yay! but i have still been SOOOOO tired…like exhausted. i have major problems getting to sleep at night. i toss, turn, itch, get up at least once every hour to pee, and just can’t get comfy in general. so then in the morning, i sleep in until about 10!! it’s driving me nuts! does that change? or will my sleeping only get worse?
well, i’m almost 32 weeks, and i was told that’s when the growth spurt comes. i’m kind of looking forward to it, just to know that he is growing properly. i am a bit bigger than the last time i posted a belly photo, but not much. i will have to get a pic soon…even though everyone saw pics of me from the shower. i know you couldn’t really see my belly. lol. New pics up!
i ordered pics through ofoto from my camera. i hope to get them soon, and i hope they look good. i want to start working on jeremiah’s scrapbook soon!


added on friday….
tomorrow is the church shower! today jerry and i went grocery shopping and had fun. 😉 yeah, i have no life. LOL. got the ofoto pics today. they look great!
hugs! see ya later!

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  1. Jennifer

    Sleeping gets worse!!!! It’s HORRIBLE right now.
    Sleeping gets worse!!!! It’s HORRIBLE right now. I got o bed at 10:30…can’t get comfy enough to fall asleep until 12. Then, I wake up 3 times an hour to roll over because my side has fallen asleep. Then about 3 times during the night, I get up to pee. And when I wake up in the morning for the last time, my entire body aches. And I forgot to mention that everytime I roll over in the middle of the night, my hips POP loudly and it doesn’t feel too good either. Thank the Lord I am near the end! I had my first REAL contraction today. But I only had one. Poo. :rotfl:

  2. Eden

    Love the new design and I enjoyed the shower photos the other da
    Love the new design and I enjoyed the shower photos the other day. I forgot to comment. Hope you are feeling well. Getting close, eh??:wave:

  3. Amanda

    Yeah, the insomnia in the last few weeks is bad.
    Yeah, the insomnia in the last few weeks is bad. Hope you can get some sleep though. Just a few more weeks till baby’s here tho’ !:loveeyes:

  4. MaryBeth

    well I read your “lofty plans” and my comment about that is Pott
    well I read your “lofty plans” and my comment about that is Potty training that takes 2 years from the time they are 5 months old kinda sounds like regular potty training- and they have “had” diapers as long as they have had any clothes- and before that I guess privacy and public elimination wasnt an issue. But your recent pics are wonderful- you are Glowing and look so happy- cant wait until Jeremiah gets here!:bear: Hugz!

  5. gramma

    I LOVE the new song ‘your whole life long’.
    I LOVE the new song ‘your whole life long’. –it didn’t come on until I clicked on breastfeeding, at lofty plans.:spin:::headphones:Its good to have plans, lofty as they may be!::cool:

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