time, the enemy of man!!

grrrrrrr. why does it take forever to get blood test results in??

i just talked to the dr’s office, and the nurse said it usually takes about a week and a half to get blood results in. argh.

sooooo my next appointment isn’t until juliy 24. i can’t even get prescribed meds until then!

jerry, of course always the optimist, said, “we’ve waited this long, we can wait a few more weeks”.

ok, so i’m not looking for logical answers here!!

this means i probably won’t get pregnant until august or september. 🙁

pray that the insurance will cover all of this!!

anyway, keep me in your prayers – time is not my friend, and patience is not my strongest virtue…

moving on…

we’re having a garage sale tomorrow, saturday and sunday (after church of course). pray that it goes well and we make some money. we are kind of struggling with me not having a job.

we had three blessings this week though!

1) we gathered all our change together, and it totaled $122!! wooohooo! thanks, God!

2) we got a call about a web project we had worked on, but they never wanted us to finish it…they wanted to compensate us for the time we spent – $100! yahooo! thanks again, God!

3) our brother in Christ, daniel has used jerry and me often to work on his website, and he told us that sales on the site are going well, so he wants to give us a little something – $100! and hopefully, he says, more will be coming. woweee! you rock, God!!

so this journal entry is evened out by whining and praising…God rocks, no matter what happens with our children. we know He will allow us to be parents.

i’ll close now, so that i don’t write a book. then i’d have to charge ya! 😉

signing off –

God bless you!

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  1. love you jenn!! praying for you…. 🙂 *hugz* xoxo

    love you jenn!! praying for you…. 🙂 *hugz* xoxo

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