hello all! well, yesterday was the THIRD TIME in about a month that we had to reinstall windows, erasing everything on our computer once again. we really need to take this thing in soon, but money and all, ya know!!! so please email me at jerrynjenn @ gigowski . com so i can have your email AND your snail mail, just in case this becomes more long-term. plus i want snail mail for Christmas cards! 🙂 so if i don’t respond to something, or you don’t see me around a lot soon, that is why!!!
as for the little place on my face, it is STILL there! it’s not bright red anymore, but it’s still there and still itching. i’m definitely going to ask the dr about it tomorrow. there are so many things i need to ask him!! tomorrow is my gtt so please pray for me about that! i’m still a tad nervous about it. i really don’t know what i’ll do if i have gestational diabetes!! and i’m also finding out if my placenta has traveled upwards as we all have prayed. i’m pretty sure it has, but i want to make sure! i can hardly wait to see jeremiah on the screen again!! he is so much bigger now, i don’t know how they’ll get a good shot of him at once. lol. i hope he’s active during it – i love watching him kick!
well today is my brother’s 25th birthday. most of the fam celebrated last night, but we didn’t go. two reasons: the time they wanted wouldn’t work for us because jerry was working. the time that would work for jerry wouldn’t work for them because heaven forbid they miss the colts’ game. (roll eyes!) ok that was a lot of working. LOL. also we really couldn’t afford it. my brother wanted a steak place, and we all know how expensive those are. just a steak place wouldn’t have killed us, but we wanted to get him a gift…it was one or the other. we’d just gone to the same steak place on our anniversary with a coupon. 😉 anyway, he liked the gift we sent along with mom. braveheart dvd. plus a ziplock bag of pictures from when we were kids. of course, his wife enjoyed those more than he did! 😉
i really can’t believe the speed of this pregnancy. everyone always told me that it would go by sooooo slow….but it’s really going by at tremendous speed. hehe. with all the things coming up in the near future; three showers (maybe two), thanksgiving, parenting classes, my birthday, Christmas, new years…it’s just going to fly even more. who knows, jeremiah could decide to come at the end of december too. he’d be full-term by then.
well that’s it for now. i had a lot more i wanted to say, but like manda, i have preggo brain and can’t always think of what i want to write when i’m supposed to. 😉
huggles and blessings!
mama and baby jeremiah

41 thoughts on “Computer woes

  1. Awww Jenn, I am so sorry about your computer!!Happy Birthday to
    Awww Jenn, I am so sorry about your computer!!
    Happy Birthday to your brother!! Have a nice day sweetie!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

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