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hello…we just got a miraculous thing in the mail today. someone sent us a digital camera. in the mail. and i am afraid i don’t know who the person is, and i feel horrible about it!! she didn’t send a note or anything, but i have her return address. we opened the camera, and have been taking pictures…you would not believe the difference in quality from our other camera. it’s unbelievable. i want to say THANK YOU to chandra. soooooo much. we are so totally grateful and blown away!!!!!
i have added new pics in the baby’s room section as well as the preggo pics section.
we are just so thankful and grateful. this was something we really really needed to get, and it’s a blessing not to have to spend money we don’t really have. you know?? so chandra, whoever you are, thank you and may God bless you!!!!!
hugs and blessings,
jenn, jerry and jeremiah

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  1. The room looks GREAT! I bet it’s exciting for you to see it all
    The room looks GREAT! I bet it’s exciting for you to see it all come together. How fun to have a new camera. Yeah!

  2. It was your Anniversay Prezzy From ME!!!
    It was your Anniversay Prezzy From ME!!! No more blurry pictures love!!!! Bear Hugz
    (It was from, but an independat person- sapsd30.)
    Anyway I hope you love it.

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