well i’m back! i don’t know if you noticed, but my internet was out all day yesterday. some kind of rust problem with the cables. ?? it was just fixed today at around 2:20.
i am back from the dr appt. i got an ultrasound on my arm. there was no sign of a blood clot. which i guess is good but leaves the question…what is wrong with my arm?? please pray for me and it, and that it’s nothing serious.
not going to dwell on it too much, but the cubs game was very sad last night. 🙁
i wanted to ask people with daughters if they would be interested in buying some socks that my friend makes. she sells them for $4 a pair, plus shipping (which isn’t much). sorry about the horrible blurriness of the pic, but you know my camera. sigh. which brings me to two well-promised pics!!!!!! taken of me today!, beware – bare belly! notice that my waistline has STILL not gone away!!!
jerry with his gotee! (he hates the pic, but i told him we must deal with things until we have a better camera!!)
jerry made a reservation for us on friday for dinner. our fifth year anniversary. i can’t believe it. i also don’t think i’ve EVER eaten at a place with a reservation, so that’s a bit cool for me! 🙂 hehe!
well that’s about it for me today. i am soooo tired. jeremiah is wearing me out!!!
jenn and jeremiah

4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. MaryBeth

    You look great- and Jerrys Goatee is very cute.
    You look great- and Jerrys Goatee is very cute. My modem went down and had to wait for $$ to fix- Ive missed you! Bear Hugz

  2. YEAH! You FINALLY have a belly.
    YEAH! You FINALLY have a belly. I was going to be pissed if you spent this whole pregnancy looking trim while I got bigger and bigger. lol. (I mean that in the kindest most luvable way possible.)

  3. Awwwww! Belly pics – I love it! I’ll be keeping you and your a
    Awwwww! Belly pics – I love it! I’ll be keeping you and your arm in my thoughts and prayers … and hope all will turn out well. Take care! Belly rubs :::::

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