Morning fun

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dear jeremiah,
good morning, sweetie!! you sure wanted mama to get up today! i am up earlier than i have been in a while, because you wouldn’t stop squirming and kicking and just rolling about! i love feeling you move though – i worry when you don’t. so don’t stop on my account! 🙂
the counter says 100 days to go. that means in about 100 days, you will be in my arms! i can hardly wait, precious boy!! time is going by so fast during this pregnancy, but still not fast enough for me!! i want you NOW! no, really, i want you to grow strong and healthy, so that when you’re born we can go right home together. i don’t want any complications with your birth. i want you to be totally developed and ready to roll! i love you sweetie!!
i think i am going to tackle the curtain in your room today. i need to cut it, which i’ve been putting off because i don’t want to mess it up. then i need to add the hem and ruffle. i hope you like it!
i tried to put your baby bouncer together yesterday…i got a little frustrated when i couldn’t get it together. it seems crooked or something. 🙁 papa was too tired to work on it, but it will be done in time for you to play with, believe me! 🙂
i love you baby bear!!!
your mama

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