dear jeremiah,
i love you so much. yesterday and last night were interesting. i was looking at the pix of unborn babies in the ‘The Miracle of Life’ book, and i just cried. the one little furry six-month one could have been YOU! 🙂 i wish i could see you every day, not just feel you. i really long for you to be in my arms!
last night you were moving SO much i couldn’t even believe it. you were very forceful, as if you wanted to make sure i knew you were there. believe me, i won’t forget that you’re in there! one kick actually took my breath away. you need to be more gentle to your mama!!!!
there are so many things that your papa, gramma and i are planning for you. gramma really likes buying things for you, and you are going to be SOOOO spoiled by her! 🙂 you have a ton of clothes for summertime. your room is nearly finished. it feels like nothing i do will be enough for you, because you are so very special to me. you are a little miracle.
i can’t wait to hold you in my arms. i know, i know, i’m a broken record. get used to it! 🙂 i love you, sweetie!!! you’re my little snowbear. 🙂
your mama

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