keep burning

keep burning

victoria at Forever has something new called Keep the Candle Burning. it’s a weekly topic for Christians. great idea, huh?! 🙂

Name one song, either worship or contemporary, that has impacted you in your spiritual journey lately. Why has it impacted you? Include lyrics if you would like, too. this is sooo hard…i love music!
1 : Only Hope. This song, beautifully sung by mandy moore for the movie ‘a walk to remember’, written by members of switchfoot, is so encouraging to me! it reminds me of my own weaknesses and imperfections, and God’s power and perfectness. it makes me feel warm and wrapped up in His loving arms.
2 : Shout to the Lord. Always lifts my soul to the Lord in awestruck praise!
3 : Come Rest. This little known gem, by considering lily, is such an encouragement. whenever i’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and lonely, this song reminds me that God is there and wants me to just fall into His arms of love and cry, or sleep in peace.

thanks, victoria! 🙂

well, i haven’t been online much today – jerry has needed the internet all day. i’m only on here for a minute! lol. today was my friend telina’s baby’s first birthday party. it was lots of fun! i always love seeing youngsters. and all of my friends are now praying for me about the baby thing. 🙂 all continued prayers are appreciated! 🙂

God bless,

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