complaints ahead!

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have you ever had such horrible experiences with eating out that you NEVER want to eat out again?
friday was my sister’s birthday. we went to cheeseburger in paradise. the wait was about 50 minutes. when we finally got in there, it was nearly pitch-black (we had to use a flashlight to see the menus). our non-smoking seats were right next to the bar, so the smoke came right over to us. my dad hated his burger, and the fries were WAY too seasoned with salt and other seasoning. jerry’s pork sandwich was covered in this strange green stuff (we couldn’t tell what it was because it was so dark in there). the only good things were the onion strings and the pizza. oh, and the virgin strawberry daquiries which we tasted as free samples while we waited for seats. what a disappointment the whole night was.
yesterday was my mom’s birthday. we went to o’charley’s. we have been there many times – sometimes the experience is good, sometimes it’s bad. it was bad last night. my dad’s, mom’s, brother’s and my steaks weren’t cooked how we wanted them. mine was actually burnt. the cake they gave my mom was a premade cake that they send to the restaraunt, so it wasn’t good at all. my cole slaw was horrible, and jerry’s broccoli was inedible. oh, and the potato soup he ordered was a CHEESE potato soup (he’s lactose intolerant and would have been able to handle a bit of milk, but it was nearly pure cheese). and again, guess where we were? yep, right next to the bar. i cannot wait for the NO SMOKING law to come into effect for restaraunts in IN. if you want to smoke and hurt yourself (or if you can’t quit and want to), please leave me and my baby out of it. i am to the point now that i don’t even want to go out to eat JUST because of the smoking hazards. i have always been sensitive about it ( sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, gagging), but now it’s not just me, it’s my BABY too!!!!
as for the pregnancy, i feel as if i’m 50 years old and have been carrying the baby for 5 years, not 5 months. LOL. my bones and joints all hurt. i can never get comfortable when i sleep, but i’m tired all the time. sigh. the morning sickness has been returning, and i think it’s because of my lack of sleep.
but i am still so happy to be carrying this miracle. nothing will change that, no matter how bad i feel!!!! i love this baby more than my own life.
i am so happy fall is here. i LOVE fall. it’s so pretty!!! i really need to update the websites for fall, but i have such big headaches! and i’ve been working on other stuff when i’m online without headaches. for example, i am working on babynames and beyond. i have thousands of names in pending, and i’m not kidding. it’s overwhelming, but i’m determined to get them done. sigh. it will be great once it’s done, won’t it!!??
hugs and blessings,

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  1. Jen

    hey sweetie ~ you go ahead and complain all you like!!
    hey sweetie ~ you go ahead and complain all you like!! 🙂 i’ll listen to ya!! *BIG BIG HUGS*

  2. Gina

    we had quite a few of these types of experiences the past week.
    we had quite a few of these types of experiences the past week. i told robert we just needed to stay home for a while. LOL!
    glad your half way there! 😀

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