almost 20 weeks!!

almost 20 weeks!!

saturday i will be 20 weeks! 5 months! can you believe it?!? i sure can’t. 🙂 i can feel the little angel more and more every day, and love it!!!
i wanted to send some replies along to people who commented in the comments section. first, manda, yes, i’m wearing exclusively maternity pants. i still wear normal t-shirts. thankfully i found some deals on pants and also founds some at garage sales, because wow they are expensive!! secondly, to missy, what we have bought for our baby so far have been very good deals – a 10 dollar crib at a garage sale, a 20 dollar bassinette at a resale place, and the chifferobe and changing table were both new but pretty good deals. as for clothing, i have only bought two new outfits – the rest have been garage sale deals from over the past 4 years or so. same with toys, and same with books – we are book lovers anyway and always collect them – some of the books we have were mine as a child. as for the new carpet in the house, i suppose i didn’t explain that well anywhere. this is my grandfather’s house, and he has paid for it all. he also paid for the paint and wood trim. we are in no way rich, in no way dirt poor either, but we do not have a lot of money. we have bought pretty much everything we’re buying and hope to get things for baby through our friends at the showers. THAT is why we have a paypal button up and why we have registries listed. if we were rich i wouldn’t even hope for gifts. i just think that if you don’t know anything about a person you should ask or look things up on the site to find out, before judging them.
i just wanted to clarify that because i hate feeling like i’m being attacked on my own site. sigh. and of course with my pregnancy hormones i get even more upset about things than normal.
the new song playing is for baby sarah and baby amanda! don’t you love it?!
well yesterday was horrible – i was in bed most of the day. headaches and feeling icky. today i’m feeling much better but the headaches are still bothering me. also, i am having these strange gas bubbles that won’t go away. it kept me up most of the night. it hurt so bad!! i don’t know if it was something i ate or what. the gas bubbles felt about as big as the baby herself! thankfully they went away at about 3 am.
well i can never stay on here as long as i’d like anymore because of the headaches.
blessings and hugs!
precious baby, i love you so!!! no matter how painful this pregnancy is, i would go through anything for you!!! you are a miracle and my dream come true. i can hardly wait until you’re in my arms. i can’t believe that you are more than ‘halfway baked’!! lol! i love you sweetie!! soon papa and i will know if you’re jalia or jeremiah. 🙂 i love you!!!

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  1. Gracie

    Five months was always my favorite! Do you ever shop at Goodwill
    Five months was always my favorite! Do you ever shop at Goodwill? Usually T-shirts can be found at $1-$3 there. That’s where I get most of my clothes! Why pay retail price for something the baby’s going to spit up on, anyway, I say. Love and more love,

  2. Your bargain shopping reminded me of something today.
    Your bargain shopping reminded me of something today. I went to the thrift store and they had this CUTE baby moses basket. No price tag though. So I took all the stuffed toys out of it and went up to the register to ask how much they were selling it for. Guess what? They’re NOT! Apparently it was a display prop! The lady said they’ve had it for ten years and no one before me has even concidered buying it! LOL.

    Needless to say she didn’t sell it to me, and I felt obligated to help her put the stuffed animals back in it. Ugh. Guess it’s back to bargain hunting for me.

    By the way.. the new song is gorgeous. I love it.

  3. Missy

    If I didn’t know ANYTHING, I wouldn’t have bothered to post, go
    If I didn’t know ANYTHING, I wouldn’t have bothered to post, good or bad.

    Best Wishes,

  4. congrats on your pregnancy! You look beautiful.
    congrats on your pregnancy! You look beautiful. Come back again and visit soon! ~hugs~

  5. Missy

    Let me first explain my temper.
    Let me first explain my temper. The longer I think about a thing that bothers me, the more angry I become.It’s inconvenient for all concerned, but still a fact of life.

    Now on to what bothers me-I’ve been accused of ‘attacking’ when that was not my intention, although I guess I could have expressed myself better. Baby things can be found SO much cheaper second hand, and if you’ve been buying things, even just here and there, it makes me wonder what could be left that’s needed. I mean, you have a crib, a chifferobe, and a changing table, plus clothes.(keep in mind that a common mistake that many new parents make is buying a ton of clothes in newborn sizes, remember babies grow really fast.Not making a judgement there, just stating a fact)

    Plus, you yourself mentioned that you hadn’t explained well about the carpet/paint thing.

    I just don’t think it’s fair that I be judged and made out to be a bad person, when you don’t really know ME.

    Sorry about the negative tone of this post, but I felt I had to defend myself.


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