well it’s pure craziness here in my household!!! for three days this week, the handyman has been here; taking down and putting up walls, putting up ceiling fans, repairing this and that here and there. the place is a total disaster area. he will be back on monday, then jerry plans to paint grampa’s living room and finish painting our living room. the carpet guy (empire carpet) was here today for us to pick out samples. we are recarpeting every room in the house!!!! both living rooms, our bedroom, grampa’s bedroom and baby j’s room. all the rooms will have a blue carpet except the baby’s, which will be a cool gray that reflects the lavendar really well. this place will be a totally new place when it’s all done. but in the meantime, what a pain!!! the guy said they can move the big furniture out for us, but we have to move all the little things. like the computer, all books off bookshelves (have you seen our collection of books?!), all drawers from dressers, etc. they are coming on wednesday – thankfully jerry has tuesday off so we can get some stuff moved around. BUT we have nowhere to move anything, since all the rooms are being done!!!!!!! the only thing i can think is we’ll put as much stuff in the garage (which is already almost totally full of grampa’s living room stuff) and as much stuff in the kitchen, and also hope it’s a nice day so we can put a few things on the porch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh. i’m so glad that i am not working anymore, because grampa would be alone all day here with this going on. somehow we need to plan for grampa, kc and me to be out for most of the day (the kitchen will be out of commission, as will all rooms, so what else can we do?!?!). i am trying to think of HOW we’re going to do this, since where can you take a dog and an 86 year old man for a whole day??? if it was going to be a perfect cool day, i would just stay outside, but if not, then what?? ick! sigh. any ideas would be GREAT!
on to happy news: i’m 18 weeks pregnant today!!! woohooo!!!! and when this is all done, it will be soooo wonderful – the baby’s room will be adorable, and all other rooms will be so nice!!!! it will be REALLY nice to have things done around here. and it will cause less stress when the baby is closer to being here. 🙂
anyhow, i am loving not working. i only had one day off so far – friday – and we spent it going to a movie and to the mall. it was so fun just having fun together again, instead of worrying about everything. coincidentally, we saw freaky friday, which was a GREAT movie! we were both pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it. 🙂
i have also been working like a busy bee at making a new fanclique!!!! i actually took it over from someone else who has no time for it anymore or something. it’s the Christian music fanclique!!!! so if you love Christian music, please join it!! 🙂 the url is here.
well i’m going to see if sarah or amanda have been born yet…i know amanda was coming early today!!! 🙂
blessings and huggles!
jenn and baby j

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  1. No Sarah yet BUT I did receive a little package in the mail yest
    No Sarah yet BUT I did receive a little package in the mail yesterday!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I LOVE it!! It’s so precious, Jenn. I’m playing it to her now so she’ll recognize it after she’s born! BTW…that was the first piece of mail we’ve received addressed to “Sarah Castleberry!” Too cool!! Thank you again!!!! *hugs*

  2. AROOOO Jenn, guess what mommy let me post again today.
    AROOOO Jenn, guess what mommy let me post again today. Got some new pics in my alburm and eberything. Thanks for stopping by and the hugs. Mommy is feeling so much better and say’s I’ll get to say more again. ooh wont that be the cool.. Puppy hugs to K.C. and all.. ARF ARF!!

  3. I thought I left a comment, but apparently I didn’t.
    I thought I left a comment, but apparently I didn’t. I was trying to think of things for you to do, but they all involve outdoor activities.

    Dogs in the states are more restrictive than dogs in Europe. The other day Rosco went shopping with me and we looked through The Gap together. THEN after a day of shopping we ate at a chinease resteraunt on the third floor of this building. LOL. It’s weird to think dogs are allowed pretty much anywhere.

    I can see, though, that I am not being any help.

    I am excited for your house projects. Yesterday I felt good just getting laundry done. hee hee. Actually I did finish packing up all my non-fitting clothes. I just got too tired of reaching into the closet only to be reminded yet again that I don’t fit into anything.

  4. Checking in on you all to see how you are!!
    Checking in on you all to see how you are!! BIG BEAR HUGGERS!!

  5. Hi Jenn!! Wow, your house sounds like a busy one!!
    Hi Jenn!! Wow, your house sounds like a busy one!! I hope your repairs are almost done!! That is so exciting about your baby!! You are almost half way there!!! WOO-HOO!!!
    It is great you are staying home too!! Yay!!
    Have a great week sweetie!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  6. Oh yes, I LOVE “The Dead Zone”!!!
    Oh yes, I LOVE “The Dead Zone”!!! It was a good one last night!! I wasn’t expecting that ending at all!! LOL!!:)

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