Complaints and comments

Complaints and comments

i just couldn’t think of a great title, since i’m tired…i’m going to bed in a minute, but i am watching this adorable show about raising grizzly bears. it’s so neat! i’m about falling asleep but i want to watch it! lol.
know what’s funny? whenever we watch the animal planet channel, kc gets all jealous and pouty. it never fails! because we’re always ooohhing and aaahhing about the animals on there. i just dread how he’s going to act when the baby is here! will he lash out at her/him in jealousy? i sure hope not. we are going to be taking him to obedience/coping school soon, because we know he’ll need to adjust some things to accept a baby.
speaking of her/him…i have already made a layout for jalia!!! i am just that sure of my feeling. i know i should make one for jeremiah too…i want a son so badly! lol! it’s so strange. i don’t care really what i have, but i still wish i was having one of each right now! lol.
i still can’t get over that jerry will be 31 and i will be 28 when our first child is born. i never would have thought this. my mom had all of us way before 28. i am not complaining, because i’d rather it be now than later, or never!!!!! but still i wonder how many other healthy babies i’ll be able to have, since i’m nearing the 30 y/o mark. sigh.
anyway. it was really nice to have jerry off today! and tomorrow. yay! i have missed him. he got some much needed time off, just doing nothing. he is such a sweet hubby to me and i love him so. 🙂
oh, i wanted to post about some work happenings. my class is 3 and 4 year olds. a boy and girl were talking with me yesterday, and the girl asked…”How did you get the baby in your belly?” I said, “my husband gave the baby to me”. she said, “How?” and the boy said, “Probably he stuffed it in her mouth and made her eat it, and swallow it, so it could grow in her belly.” so matter of factly…LOL i said, “noooo.” and i tried to think of what to say. i mean, it’s not like explaining sex to my OWN children!! i finally said, “well, this is just the way that God planned for it to happen. the husband gives the baby to the mommy so the baby can grow inside her belly until it’s strong enough and big enough to be born.” and they both said “OHHHHHHH.” as if they totally understood, but the looks on their faces showed me, that didn’t help AT ALL. LOL. any suggestions for the next time??
the day before yesterday, a boy asked a mother who came in, “Oh, do you have a baby in your belly too?” and she said, “No.” and he said, “Oh, then why is your belly so fat?” ROFL. she said, “Some bellies are just bigger than other ones.” i about lost it. he was so rude, but what could either of us have said??
oh my there are some things i will miss, and some kids i especially will miss, but other things, and other kids, i will not miss at all. the stress is unbelievable there. i’m so glad thursday is my last day!!!! i WILL be staying in contact with parents of the kids i’m very close to. 🙂
well, i HAVE to go to bed!

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  1. Julie

    Hi Jenn! Don’t worry about your age.
    Hi Jenn!

    Don’t worry about your age. I was 4 weeks shy of 27 when I finally had my first, and am now 32 for this one… Joe was 30 with our first, and will turn 36 the day after Amanda is born… So we got a late start too, and all our kids are very healthy! So, you’ll be fine! 😀

    If you ask one of my boys how the baby gets in Mommy’s tummy, they will answer that God put it there, and that’s the ONLY answer they seem satisfied with! LOL! One time, early in this pregnancy, Joe told the boys that I was tired because I was making a baby. Well Jared says, “God is making the baby Daddy.”, and Joe says, “But Mommy is helping”, Jared get’s a little irritated with Daddy then and says, “But God doesn’t need help!”… It was quite cute!…. I bought a Christian book called “Where babies come from” that is geared to 6 to 8 year olds (Jared is 5)… I’m hoping it helps! LOL!

    Sorry to write a novel! 🙂


  2. Julie

    Oh, by the way, I got the CD today!!!
    Oh, by the way, I got the CD today!!! Thank you SO MUCH! That was VERY sweet of you, and I love how you personalized it with Amanda’s name! What a nice keepsake, and Amanda’s very first gift!


  3. ROFL That is such a funny story about those kids.
    ROFL That is such a funny story about those kids. That mom handled it really well with the whole ‘Are you pregnant too?’ question.

    My parents always told us that babies came from God, but I remember my older sister and I having ‘the talk’ around six or seven from my Dad. A couple years later we were in the car and my younger sister (who had not had ‘the talk’ yet) started talking about where babies come from. My mom asked her if she knew. And my sister said, “Yes, God sends an angel down and the angel covers the mommas with a special blanket that makes her pregnant.”

    I think over the years she put stuff together from the Christmas story as well as making up her own ideas of how babies came about.

  4. Hope you got some rest. I was 2 weeks shy of turning 31 when I
    Hope you got some rest. I was 2 weeks shy of turning 31 when I had Cliff so was 34 when I had Emily and both were strong and healthy babies and the pregnancies went well so don’t worry about your age. So your quitting work? I hope that is what you want and need. 🙂 You sound very content and happy. Sending lots of ~hugs~ your way!

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