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bright idea!

i have an idea that i just posted – tough topic thursday. if you’re interested, go see it!

since today is thursday, i’ll go ahead and get it started! lol.

A – Abortion – What do you think about it?

to see details about this, see my prolife page, or visit my whole site dedicated to LIFE (Life is Precious).

this is my old journal entry from high school, touched up a bit:

i hate abortion. i am completely and totally against it. it is the conscious killing of the unborn. people always ask me ‘what if you were raped? wouldn’t you want to get rid of it?’ that makes me sick. it is NOT the baby’s fault if some creep decides to violate someone else’s body. killing the unborn baby is worse than a rape – to kill an innocent is murder. i, myself, would NEVER have an abortion. if i was to die if the baby was born, if the doctor told me it would be deformed or retarded, if i was raped – whatever reason you throw at me is not good enough for me to murder my child.

most people don’t even use those excuses for an abortion. the main use of abortion is as a form of birth control. many women don’t even have just one abortion either.

if i am asked about my feelings on abortion, i will gladly and strongly tell people. otherwise, i usually try not to get on the subject. people tend to think you are judging them when you discuss serious, important matters. (this was in high school remember). besides that, i love babies so much that the topic really upsets me. i can’t imagine someone knowing the truth about abortion and still going through with it. i would take the baby!!! give the baby to me!!!


wow, it’s still just as hard to discuss. i still hate abortion. it still makes me cry. even more now than then, since jerry and i are trying so hard to get pregnant, and many women don’t realize the future they are throwing away. the life they are destroying. . . it is so painful to think about. no matter the circumstance, it’s not worth killing a life.

God bless,

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