ok, i still want everyone to post at Expectnet by typing in Precious_Dreams as the game name. it’s just for fun…
i know it won’t decide what we’re having, and it won’t change the way i feel about a BOY or a GIRL. i have always wanted a boy first, but now i don’t care which i have. i will be thrilled with either. i just have this FEELING it’s a girl. i never said i WANT it to be a girl, or i DON’T want it to be a boy. because i want both eventually, and will be happy with either order!! ok? just to clear up any confusion. 😉
also, i have something to throw out there. cheryl gave me the idea. my best friend jen would like to throw a real baby shower for me, at my place, in indianapolis. i would just like to know if you would be interested in attending. if not, jen is still coming to one of my other showers. i want at least five friends to come, if less than that are interested, you will be invited to a shower with “real life friends”. does that make sense? anyway, i’m thinking sometime in september, on a saturday. please just let me know by contact form if you’re interested at all. i would love to have as many of you come as possible! i know a few of you will have just delivered, so it will be out of the question for you. but wouldn’t it be SO fun to meet in person??
God bless,

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