The 1st Ultrasound

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first of all, please read sunday’s post, as it is important.
that is all i can say. the ultrasound yesterday was amazing. please note that i would post a scan of it if we still had a scanner. πŸ˜‰ jerry came instead of my mom, because my mom and dad went to florida for grandma’s funeral. i was sad she couldn’t go, but so happy that jerry was able to make it! his work was kind enough to let him come and return to work.
anyway, i was expecting it to be nice, but jerry and i were blown away by how incredible it was. first of all, i am 11 weeks, not 12 weeks. this was just an error on my part, because i was counting the week of my last period as the first week, instead of the week after my period. so, i will be three months NEXT sunday. πŸ˜‰ secondly, there is ONE baby, and jerry and i don’t care one bit!!! we are so excited about the little munchkin!!!!! thirdly, since i am only 11 weeks, we couldn’t tell the sex of the baby. so i’m going to have jerry make a survey for me to find out what you all think it will be πŸ˜‰ it will be fun. i won’t find out until week 18 or so. i hope the munchkin will let us see!!! πŸ™‚
fourthly, the original date that i said was pretty much correct – january 17 or 18. that’s the due date. of course, how often do babies appear on their actual due date? LOL.
ok, now to the fun part. this munchkin is SOOOOOO active!!! he/she was bouncing all over the place, waving his/her left hand all over the place. i think he/she will be a lefty like his/her grampa!!!! but the left hand was so active, jerry was like, does he have a right arm?? (he used the male tense all throughout the ultrasound, but later told me he thinks it’s a girl. LOL). so we looked closer, and saw, the baby did indeed have both arms and both legs. one of the ultrasound pics we got (they gave us three) shows the left fingers clearly. so cute! you can also see the baby’s nose, mouth, eye and even the line of the right cheekbone!!!! it was amazing! the video is already a joy to have – i’ve watched it three times and plan to watch it again this morning. πŸ™‚ we have a bouncing baby, that’s for sure. i think he/she is musically inclined, like mama, because i think he/she was dancing, and playing the drums LOL. or maybe the munchkin was just waving us away, telling us to leave him/her alone?? hehe who knows. jerry thinks he/she was asleep before we woke him/her up. ok the he/she thing is driving me crazy. it’s annoying.
anyway, just wanted to keep everyone updated. it was such a wonderful joyful thing to experience!! i’m so glad the dr called for an early one, or we wouldn’t have felt this way until 18 weeks along!! we really needed it i think, especially since we didn’t get to hear the heartbeat at our first checkup. oh, the heartbeat is 162. that was one of the best parts, seeing the little heartbeat swirl around in a circle. God is amazing, isn’t He? how can someone say this child is not a child, that my baby is just a blob of tissue?? i don’t get it.
precious baby, whether you’re a boy or a girl, you are so very loved already. your mama and papa are head over heels for you! it was so amazing to see you yesterday, to kick and jump and wave your arms! are you a lefty like your grampa? he would be so proud of that! i wish your gramma was able to see you on the ultrasound yesterday, but i’m so glad papa was able to be there with me. it was just a miracle to see you, and it made you seem so much more real. even though we knew you were real, it proved to us you were healthy and bouncy and we got to see you and almost meet you for the first time! πŸ™‚ now i know when i talk to you in my belly i’m not just talking to myself. πŸ™‚ i love you, precious munchkin!! i’m looking forward to seeing you grow so much, and soon, fall into my arms. i love you!!! papa loves you!! so do gramma, grampa, uncle jay, aunt natalie, uncle josh and aunt jannelle! and grampa loy!!! πŸ™‚ so many others love you too, precious one. i hope you feel it already.
your mama

God’s blessings, everyone!!

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  1. Pooh

    testing testing one two three …
    testing testing one two three … LOL! πŸ™‚

  2. MaryBeth

    Amazing!!!Maybe those going in
    Amazing!!!Maybe those going in for abortions should see an ultrasound or hear the heartbeat first~ Love to the munchkin!!!

  3. MaryBeth

    Oh I also wanted to add Jan 21 is a good day!!! Baby J.
    Oh I also wanted to add Jan 21 is a good day!!! Baby J. will be born an Aquarius on the cusp, so have Capricorn tendencies as well! Im pretty sure your not into astrology so here another good reason-Its the B-day of Yours truely!!!

  4. Julie

    Oh, HOW EXCITING! And how I wish I could have had videos of all
    Oh, HOW EXCITING! And how I wish I could have had videos of all my ultrasounds… I would have worn them out. But alas, I never did πŸ™

    Congratulations on a perfect baby!!!!

    My first was due on January 19, but came on January 10th!

    Hugs πŸ™‚

  5. Cheryl

    Yay! My birthday is Jan. 17, so that’s a great due date!
    Yay! My birthday is Jan. 17, so that’s a great due date! πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad you got to see the baby and that things are going well!

  6. Manda

    How exciting! Aren’t Ultrasounds wonderful! It’s so great that y
    How exciting! Aren’t Ultrasounds wonderful! It’s so great that your hubby got to go along with you. I am thinking about changing the date of my next ultrasound so that dh can go. Right now it is scheduled for the day before he get’s home. Maybe by the time we go in we will get to know the sex of our baby! woo hoo!

  7. Autumn

    Hi Jenn & Jerry! Congrats on seeing Lil’ Peanut dancing! I am so
    Hi Jenn & Jerry! Congrats on seeing Lil’ Peanut dancing! I am so happy for you two! I remember seeing Faith’s ultrasound and pictures. I framed the pictures and set them on the mantle. The higher the heartbeat is a girl and the lower usually means a boy. SO ask the doctor what the heart beat range is for both. Just a littl emedical advice from this ole medical assistant. Love ya!

  8. Mrs Much

    If you think seeing an ultraso
    If you think seeing an ultrasound is something, wait until you feel the baby moving around in there in another month or so!

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