Sundays are not good days

jerry thinks it’s spiritual warfare or something. i can feel great (as good as i can feel) all week, then BOOM on sundays i vomit and have major problems….
jerry dragged me to church anyway today, and i’m glad he did, even though i felt horrible the whole time. it was great to see people again though. i haven’t been all month.
my grandma on my dad’s side died yesterday. we knew it was coming, so we weren’t shocked. but i’m still a bit shook up about it. we were never close or anything, since she lived in florida, but still, she was my only grandma left, and she was my family. we can’t go to florida for the funeral because i couldn’t handle the drive, and we can’t afford to fly. please pray for my family over there.
ok, i have a MAJOR prayer request for everyone. one of my dearest friends, zhou, who is from china, is being sent back to china. this is two months after ins told her that she was fine and legal to stay in the us. this is a horrible thing, because not only does she have two children who are american citizens, she has been adopted by an american, has married an american, and co-owns her own house with her husband, she has testified against the chinese government in court, so china despises her and wants her dead. this is not something that any of her friends are going to take lying down. it cannot happen. her precious babies (one just born two weeks ago, i believe i mentioned it) cannot be without their mama. the government has given her until july 13 to be ready to go, with only 55 lbs of luggage with her.
please, please, please, pray with me for a true miracle. we cannot and will not let her go. her babies names are mary and leah and her hubby is richard, if you want to pray for them too, they need it as well. we are all feeling very defeated, afraid, and in shock. imagine if someone you loved was being sent on short notice to a death sentence. if she does go, we will never see her again. please pray for all of us who are close to her as well, because we need to be strong for her, and her family.
i have not written major details because of her privacy and because i want to get this out quickly. if you want more info, please contact me.
please pass this prayer request on to others who can pray. we all know the Lord moves when His people pray.
on a joyful note, today i’m three months along!!! can you believe it? and doesn’t three months sound better than 12 weeks? 😉 tomorrow is my first ultrasound, and i’ll get to find out the actual due date and how many babies there are. we’re hoping for two, as you know!!!!!! and yesterday jerry and i picked out the paint for our baby’s room. it makes it seem so much more real. i looked for some color swatches to post but couldn’t find any. man i miss my scanner!!!! 😉
i just had to end on a positive note, though right now i’m so upset about zhou…
God’s blessings,
jenn and jerry

2 thoughts on “Sundays are not good days

  1. Just popping by to say Hi! tha
    Just popping by to say Hi! thank you for the adoption- Im posting it tomorrow~ Have a happy Monday.

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