well i didn’t find out ANYTHING! i’m so disappointed…they tried for a heartbeat but couldn’t get it. i’m going for an ultrasound in a few weeks, on june 30. the dr was really really nice. but when we told him we WANTED twins, he said, ‘no, no you don’t.’ we said, ‘yes, yes we do.’ lol and he said when he has a patient who is pregnant with twins, he says, ‘congratulations. i’m very sorry.’ i was like, hmmmm. he said it immediately makes you a high-risk pregnancy, and no one wants to be high-risk. which i agree with, but this has always been a dream of mine, to have a boy and a girl twins! i know now that i will be very let down with one (though i’ll still love him or her to pieces). is this totally insane of me? i don’t want to be selfish or anything, and i want my child to have the full attention and love he/she deserves.
please be praying for some dear friends of ours from college, the marquezes, whose father just had a stroke. now i never met him myself, but from what i hear, he was the kindest, most loving man ever. he would always go up to total strangers and tell them how much Jesus loved them. now he can’t remember anything from the past, except Jesus and his immediate family. just pray for his healing, and for the healing of his entire family, since he was the rock in the family for so long.
anyway, if i sent you an email about boycotting stamps, please read the following (if i didn’t you can just ignore it):
you know, as i read this boycott, i thought, why would i send this out? i will never buy one of these stamps in the first place, because i would never support a religion that is opposing to my Lord and Saviour. but i sent it because i was thinking on emotions, and it seemed like the right thing to do. i do not believe muslims are evil people, just as i don’t believe other unsaved people are evil. they are just lost. and i don’t blame all muslims for the attacks because to do so would make me, a pro-life Christian, be held responsible for every idiotic act done in my Lord’s name. i know it is a select group of TERRORISTS who made these attacks. so it was hasty and stupid of me to just forward that out instead of praying about it first.
i’m sorry, guys, and i’m sorry for offending you. i am not a racist and i do not normally send out hate mail or discriminating mail.
i hope you’ll forgive me for being so stupid.

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  1. Jenn~ as for the email-Its already forgotten.
    Jenn~ as for the email-Its already forgotten. As for the wanting twins it not so romantic.
    It was very expensive, and it was very hard on my body-gaining 100 lbs and taking 2 years and surgery to repair. two of everything-bags of diapers-a can of formula a day(my milk didnt come in enough for 2 because of surgery complications.) I could go on~ not that I dont reqlly love my two-but sometimes its very hard, so if you only have one be happy for that and thank god for what he has seen fit to bless you with. Plus 2 boys are always in trouble. Luv ya sweeetie-Bear Hugz

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