Trying to Get New Medicine

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well i’m waiting for a callback from the triage (special name for nurse) who will hopefully call in some new nausea medicine for me…i already have a medicine that i take at night for it, but it doesn’t last long. actually, early early this morning, when i woke up to use the restroom, my tummy was going bonkers, so it wears off sooner than i thought it did. but i really need something anyway for the rest of the day. i can’t keep anything down before 1, and sometimes even a little after that is pushing it. i’m going to buy some of those preggo pops to see if they help at all.
any thoughts about what i should get the papa to be for father’s day??? i have been looking around when i can (which hasn’t been often) and i can’t even find a decent father-to-be card. any ideas will be great! 😉 for some reason my usual creative nature isn’t kicking in. i actually have a good idea, but i can’t use it because i don’t have any pictures of him with his mom as a child. pretty sad, but there aren’t many pictures of him at all as a child. 🙁
well, sitting here for too long makes me nauseas all over again, so i need to go lie down for a while.
love and hugs!
jenn and baby

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