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well, i am supposed to start working from 2 to 6 soon. it won’t start on monday, but we’ll see…i am looking forward to it. usually by around one most of the morning sickness seems to dissapate.
ok, we’re allowing comments again for a while. we’ll see how it works out, and if we have to password protect it, i’ll let you know!! i would like to avoid password protection if possible.
i wanted to say something to the cfers – i know that not all of you are mean, ignorant, rude and angry people. just as not all Christians go around killing people in God’s name, not all of you would post wicked comments on someone’s site for no reason. though i’d never heard of your group before (that i can recall) i don’t think badly of you as a whole. i just feel sorry for the people who have so little to do with their lives that they have to try to destroy my site. i appreciate those of you who have commented or emailed me nice messages. thanks a bunch. 🙂
i love all my friends so much! thank you for your prayers and continued concern for me.
i am hopeful that this sickness gets over soon. it’s getting more routine now, but still not easy. 😉 it’s almost like i throwup then go on. even though it takes a LOT of energy. it’s not like regular throwing up, that once you do it, it’s out of your system so it feels better. no, the horrible feeling stays with you no matter what. i’m sure many of you know this, but it’s new to me and my body.
i’m planning on garage saling this weekend if the rain holds off. i find great deals on onesies and little outfits. i’m also hoping to find some maternity clothes! 🙂 my pants aren’t fitting me very much anymore. see, most of my work clothes were already a tad tight, but you know, you like to hide that, so i let them be tight. now i don’t want to have tightness around there, because it’s uncomfortable and i wouldn’t want to smoosh the baby (i know that’s just a mental thing but still). i have been overweight for a while anyway, so losing the weight like i have been doing is actually good for me i think.
i need to go get something to eat now.
love and hugs!!
jenn and baby

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  1. suzzie

    its part of life sorry sweetie
    its part of life sorry sweetie!!!

  2. MaryBeth

    Well my best advice about that is buy a few cheaper things at mo
    Well my best advice about that is buy a few cheaper things at motherhood-They have very reasonably priced Maternity clothes. Now is time to be comfortable. :). Enjoy every minute of the pregnancy. theres a miracle happining! Love ya.

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