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Church Today

was very wonderful! the pastor thanked the Lord for the blessing of our baby, and the entire church started clapping for us! everyone knows how much we wanted this…

everyone gave me a hug and congratulated me. then after church my family had a nice little memorial day/celebration cookout meal. it was nice.

i really need to get motivated to work on the baby’s room. my brother took out mom’s dresser, which was in there as a storage unit or something. but wow there is SO much junk in there i really don’t know what to do! it’s overwhelming to be in there right now. plus i am having major ALL DAY sickness, and have to run to the bathroom at any given moment. every time i vomit though, i say, thank you, Lord!!! because it means the baby is still in there and fine and healthy as can be!!!!!!!! 🙂

i am still kind of in shock….

a week ago i was 170 lbs. the day i found out i was 165. and today i’m 162. i’m having a problem eating, and keeping things down. i’m sure it will all be ok because i’m overweight so the baby has plenty to live on for a while, at least until the first trimester is over. 😉

oh i have signed up for lots of registries, but am having trouble finding any good boy stuff!!! it seems that most of the green things are GIRLY now, because i guess green is the new pink (which if you ask me is DUMB!) so poor little boys have only blue to use. ridiculous. first people take boys’ names, and now they take a boy color. but i am sure i’ll be able to find something that will work, because i remember when we were at baby depot about a year ago, we found something we LOVED!!! it was perfect for jeremiah. now i wish we’d gotten it then, but i hope i’ll find it again.

anyway, as soon as i get some stuff in each registry i’ll post them all for you!!! you will have a lot of things to choose from if you’d like to buy something for our baby. i’m also giving it a little while because even though i’m sure everything will be alright and safe, i want to be absolutely sure. you know????

oh, i was able to give my mom a book i’ve had for over a year and a half. it’s GRANDMOTHER memory book. she was happy. and she gave me something she’s had for probably two years -a precious moments angel holding a lamb!!!! awwww. how perfect, huh?!

well i need to go, i’m going to work on the baby’s room while i’m motivated.

lots of love to you all, aunties in love! 🙂

jenn and baby

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